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Halong Cruise – A Step to Paradise

Travel to Halong- Introduction of Attraction

Halong BayThe bewilderment about the selection of the attraction spot is concluded while the traveler acknowledges the Vietnam trips. Apart from the affordable Vietnam travel packages, there are various attractions and unique ideas behind the crowd of Vietnam travel. The bespoke Vietnam trips particularly customized Halong Cruise offer the limitless amazing things and after completing the trip to Halong Cruise, travelers concluded that the statement “Seven Wonders of the world” is untrue, since there are copious world wonders merged in Ha long bay and it discovered while the travelers choose the package in and around the Ha Long bay.


Ha Long Bay – Legend Behind In the Fame

Travel to Vietnam fulfilled while they reach the Ha Long Bay which is familiar for scenic rock structure. It is situated in the northeastern division of Vietnam. There are 989 well known islands in this region and there are more than 1969 islands. The limestone islands and Schist islands occupied the southeastern part and the southwestern Ha Long Bay. This island contains of three tiny mountains measure 23m and it reminds you three peaches. It mimics the legend connects with the romantic love of pretty fairy with a young fisherman and she gifted three peaches which have stolen from heaven to offer him an eternal life. The Heaven’s king identified the theft and converted the peaches into stone islands and punished the young fairy. Ba Trai Dai is a familiar tourist attraction and it is considered as a fortune point for express the love proposal and it multiplies the affection and romance of the couples.


Toad Islet – (Con Coc Islet)

Toad Islet is a masterpiece of nature gifted to Ha Long. This islet situated in the southeast part of Ha Long bay- 17 kilometers far away from the day-tripper boat wharf.

Chou DA Islet mimics the appearance of the dog

The tour schedule of Thien Cung , Dau Go, the traveler can reach the Cho DA Islet through the boat safari and it takes 10 minutes. The 8 m stone piece resembles the dog sitting on the sea for safeguarding the fisherman and travelers for hundreds of thousands of years. It is a belief among the fishermen of Vietnam and visiting this point deliver the awe inspiring feeling for every visitor.


Dau Nguoi Island – Man’s Head Islet

Another tiny islet -25- meter long has resembled the big Egyptian head with a huge nose. Majority people compare it with the Egyptian Sphinx. The Dau Nguoi Island in Ha Long lies 13 km far away from the wharf.


Incense Burner- Ding Huong Islet

Incense Burnet Islet locates southwest part of Dau Go Island and after going through the Cho DA islet one can view the stone slab and additional tiny stones which blocked the path and it mimics a large incense burner and it is an excellent point for the worship of nature Gods- Sky and earth. So that, Dinh Huong Islet is considered as holy point and the visitors of this point acquire the blessing while they merge in the Yoga.

Monster Head- Mat Quy Islet

Mat Quy Islet situated 30-35 m far from Bai Tu Long bay and it mimics the monster head in a coarse big nose. It resembles the horrific experience for the traveler from viewing any angle.


Ngon Tay Islet – Finger

Ngon Tay Islet - A stone rock imitates a jump jutting and it is one of the highlights of Ha Long. There are endless numbers of attractions ready to occupy the souls of the tourist who choose the Hạ Long Bay package.


The Array Of World Wonders Merged In Ha Long Bay

Ha Long bay is referred as the wonder of the universe raised towards the sky. Ha Long is considered as one of the civilization cradle which inform the late Neolithic period and it identified at various archeological sites such as Dong Mang, Thoi Gieng, Xich Tho and Soi Nhu.  The warehouse of biodiversity – Ha long endow with mangrove, tropical and coral forest. It is a spot to hundreds of thousands animals and plants of various species, for instance fish, squid and shrimp. Some particular species are identified only in Ha Long. During the UNESCO’s eighteenth session – it is considered as a World Heritage point and geomorphologic and environmental values included its dignity that won the title second time.


The top travel agency offers the several travel packages for visiting Ha long and generates the opportunity to explore in Ha long caves, merge in island and islets, night staying in floating villages and so on. The bespoke Vietnam travel conveys the flexibility and facility to select the particular cruise package according to their fiscal status of the traveler. Luxury cruises, private cruises, standard cruises and bespoke cruises are designed by the top Vietnam travel to deliver the excitement without impact the bank account of the traveler.


The special point for every traveler

Generally, historical points drag the attention of visitors through the some specifications. But Halong Cruise has the competence to pilfer the mind and vision of an entire age traveler through the nature attractions. The Ha long villagers welcome the guest with smiling face and incomparable generosity. So that, everyone wants to visit the same point more than one time and mother universe deliver the complete scenery beauty and attractions forever. Apart from the mother nature, the natives Vietnamese deliver the excellent kindness for the travelers without any expectation and it is also one of the wonders of the Halong cruise.


The special care delivered by the professional Ha long guide and the cost effective and Ha long cruise forever. The Newsletter, latest news, flight offer, special package for specific regions are obtained by the travelers while choosing the official website of Vietnam travels. There is a chance to enjoy the nightlife in the tiny island villages and the villagers provide the require items for the guest with the smiling face. The Ha long cruise is a remarkable experience in every visitor’s biography.


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