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Customers Testimonials

Message from: Ms. Alice O'Halorran - Ireland
Dear Thuy
Thank you so much for the great service so far!

Message from: Mr. Fredrich Thom  - Australia
Dear Duong
Thank you for your help.

 I will recommend you to anyone I know who travels to Vietnam.



Message from: Mr. Niko Miikka - Finland

Dear Duong

Thank you for the very good service!

Kind regards,



Message from: Mr. Sungmun Cho - South Korea

Thank you so much!


Sungmun Cho


Message from: Mr. Lukasz Lasko - Czech Republic

Dear Duong,

Thank you so much for your letter everything is correct.
Best Regards,


Lukasz Lasko


Message from: Mr. Aaron - USA

Thank you very much.  i was getting a little nervous being short on time.  you are awesome!



Message from: Mr. Peter James Derkacz - Canada

Looks great! 

Much appreciated.

Thank you!
Kind regards,
James Peter


Message from: Mr. David Svrcek - Czech Rupublic

Dear Thuy,

great, it was fast. Thank you.


Kind regards,
David Švrček


Message from: Mr. Jie Xu - New Zealand

Thank you very much Duong.


I will definitely use your company to apply the Vietnamese visa from now on. Have a good one. 


Kind regards


Jie Xu


Message from: Mr. Lukasz Lasko - Poland

Dear Duong,

Yes, everything is correct.
Thank you so much for your super fast service.
It is prefect:)
Best Regards,


Lukasz Lasko


Message from: Ms. Haylee Warhurst - Australia

 Thank you all correct. 

You have been great and I’ll recommend you to everyone I know that goes to Vietnam in future :) 
Kind regards,
Haylee Warhurst


Message from: Mr. Mathieu Bernard - France

Hi Duong

Very fast as usual :)
Every things seems to be good, i send them to confirm again.
Thank you
Mathieu Bernard

 Message from: Mr. David Mesropjan - Estonia

Thank you very much.

I recommended 3 other persons to use your services, which they will do following days.
Thanks again


Best wishes 


Message from: Ms. Sophie Laure - France

I am living in Ho Chi Minh, and even though there are many agents in this city there is not better company in terms of price and quality service for dealing with Visa than this company in Hanoi especially Ms Duong. She is a real sweetheart,the very first time I contacted her was for an invitation letter (1 month tourist visa) for my mother in law (price $8 received my letter in 2-3 days). However my mother in law changed last minute her air ticket travel...Duong very emphathetic towards my situation even offer me a cheaper price $6 for a new letter with the new dates of entry. Then yesterday afternoon I tell her I have an urgent request for two of my friends whose visa expired soon, so needed to do a visa run to Cambodia and come back with an invitation letter. I pay $30 in total for both 3 month tourist visa single entry. And the very next day, this morning to be exact I received by mail the invitation letters. I am very happy, and believe that such great service really deserve every bit of success and support if I can help.


Message from: Ms. Sophie Laure - France
Dear Duong,

Thank you so much!! Very quick and professional service!I will definitely contact you again and recommend your service to my friends.

Wishing you the very best,




Message from: Mr. Ross Benjamin Garrod - UK

Thank you very much for your fast and efficient service.

Best wishes,


Message from: Ms. Frances Scott - New Zealand

All information is correct. Thank you very much for your time and service. 

Kind regards, 


Frances Scott


Message from: Mr. Kuiyeon Hwang - South Korea

Yes. That's all good. Thank you so much. You are always fast and kind. Thank you so much.

Best regards,


Message from: Ms. Esmeralda and Mr Christopher - USA

Hi Duong ,


Got it! I’m clear now , thanks for  clarifying we should be  all set now .


Thank you for your help !




Message from: Miss. Brittany Storm - South Africa

Hi Duong, 
All the information is correct. Thank you so much for the super quick response :) 
I will take the money, letter and photos to the airport on arrival. 
Kind Regards, 


Message from: Mr. Robert L McCarty II- USA

Good job Duong !!! Now you giving 5 star Customer Service...& I know as I was in outside sales man for 30 years in San Diego California. Thank you very much

My daughter Ariel McCarty must have used you as she sent me your link this morning...I meet her in ChiangMai today..then we come to VN on 7th or 8th I believe...


Thanks again


Message from: Mr. Esben Lund Pederson - Denmark

Thank you very much! That was quick. The information in the letter is correct.
We enjoyed using your service and will have a look at your homepage. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends and family. 


Have a nice day. 


Message from: Mr. Paul Thomas Ingerton - Australia

Dear Ms Duong,


Thank you for the Visa and your excellent service.


Our company is currently involved in Project work in Vietnam and we will continue to use your service in the future.


Kind regards,




Message from: Mr. Conrad Buchner - South Africa

Thank you very much for your assistance. It was highly professional and I will definitely refer you to any family or friends who may need this service. 

Best regards,


Message from: Mr. Nicholas Say - Urugoay

Hard to say EXACTLY what would happen, the Vietnamese immigration officials do not take overstays lightly. The MINIMUM 7 day overstay fine would far exceed the cost of a regular 30 day visa. AND, if you leave by air and they think you intentionally overstayed they may delay you enough to make you miss your flight out. If you leave by a land border they may send you back to the Saigon or Hanoi immigration office for resolution. In either case, you're at their mercy! 

If you enter by land you can get a visa quickly in Cambodia for about $40USD or in Laos for a bit more. If you will enter by air get a pre-approved visa online for $33USD, $8 online processing fee plus $25USD paid to immigration on arrival. Any of those options will be cheaper than the overstay fine.

I assume that by "tourist's regular 15 day VISA" the OP really means the 15 day visa free entry program. While there are reports the these can be extended it's difficult and costs more than getting a 30 day visa in the first place.

Message from: Mr. Khoa Tran Nguyen- Canada

Hello Duong

I have checked the attached file. Once again, thank your for the Visa On Arrival approval. Great service!


Khoa Tran Nguyen

Message from: Mr. Harvey Garn - USA

Ms. Duong,

Thank you for your good service. The document is correct.

Message from: Mr. Haeyoung Lim - USA

You folks did a great job. Thank you so much.

I will spread my word to tripadvisor and other travel website.
Thanks again

Message from: Mrs. Michelle Ballesteros - Australia

Thank you very much for your prompt service. I will recommend your service to friends.
Kind regards

Message from: Mr. Michalis Georgiou - Cyprus
Dear Ms Duong,

I appreciate your fast response and thank you very much for the visa approval letter.
I made a quick visit at the website and discovered a lot of interesting places. I will get back to you in case i have any inquiries.

Thanks again,


Michalis Georgiou


Message from: Mr. Matthew Lewis - USA

Thank you so much! You have Excellent service. 

Kind regards



Message from: Ms. Michelle Ballesteros - Australia

Thank you very much for your prompt service. I will recommend your service to friends.

Kind regards


Message from: Mr. Robin Clyde Dandy- Australia

Thank you very much for the wonderful service.

Have a wonderful day.


Message from: Mrs Allison Butler - South Africa

Dear Thuy Duong,

Thank you so much for fabulous service, it has been an pleasure working with you





Message from: Mr. Chittapala - Australia

Dear Thuy Duong,

Thank you once again for your most excellent service! The details on the visa letter are correct.

Best wishes,



Message from: Mr. Simon Herries Nonis - Australia

Thank you so much for such a quick and informative service! I will be sure to reccommend this onto friends and family wishing to travel to Vietnam.
All the best,



Message from: Mr. Barry and Mrs Ann Cornish - UK

Hi Duong

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. We have used your company many times for visa to Vietnam and we have always had an excellent service. We have recommended your company to our friends and also on travel forums.

Thank you once again for a superb service.

A B Cornish


Message from: Ms. Sophie - France

Hello Ms Duong,

Thanks for your quick feedback. All the informations in the invitation letter are correct. 
I will definitely use and recommend your service in the future.

Many thanks,
Best regards,



Message from: Mr. Whittaker Brenton Mark - USA

Dear Thuy Duong,

Cam on nhieu!

It is all correct.

Where do I find the VOA number? Or Approval number?

I heard the airlines ask for this when you check in for flights to Vietnam.

Appreciate all your help.

My friend from the US will join us so I will send him to you for a Visa.

The rest of our party is Indonesian so no visa is required.

Anh chuc Co mot ngay vui ve!

Ong Brent


Message from: Mr. Karunakaran Balagi - India

You are always the best Thuy. thanks & god bless you.






Message from: Ms. Ember Yeo - Australia

Hi Duong


That’s great. Well received with Thanks =)


Warmest regards


Ember Yeo

Message from: Mr. Patrick James Stephen Lasham - New Zealand

Dear Duong,
Thank you, that’s great also thanks for the great pricing.
Regards, Patrick

Message from: Mr. Corey E Asato - USA

Thank you so much I will be recommending your site to my friends and family. 


Corey E. Asato

Message from: Mr.Adrien Cottinet - France

Hi Duong
Thanks for your quick reply, all informations are good.

Best regards.

Adrien Cottinet.

Message from: Mr. Michelle Gonzales Magnaye - USA

 Dear Ms. Thuy Duong,

Thank you very much for your effort and patience with me!
Everything is correct. Thank you!

Message from: Mr. Mario Schouten - Netherlands

Second visa application using their service, as with the frist one the process went smooth and fast.


 Message from: Mr. Ashraf Ali - Australia

Dear Duong

Very much appreciated, thanks for that. I will review this over the weekend and get back to you.

Thanks again.

 Message from: Mr. Sarj Mendis - Australia

Hi Thuy,


Wow that’s quick! Thanks.


I will give you a good recommendation in google & other.



Sarj Mendis

Message from: Ms. Iva Slapnickova - Czech Republic

Hello, Thuy.

Thank you very much for sending it to me - I appreciate your help.
I 've read those conditions and information carefully and will have everything ready with me when I arrive.
I will definitely recommend your services further.
Have a nice day and thanks again!
Best regards


Message from: Mr. Jason Closel

Thuy, you are literally the greatest human on the whole earth right now!!!!!! Thank you so so so so so so so so much for helping us out so quickly! 

Best Regards, 


Message from: Mr. Reid James Reale - USA

Thank you so much.

This is perfect. I will surely recommend your service to all my friends!



Message from: Mr. Mark Alan Poff - USA

I appreciate your comments and quick replies. I've sent 6 or 8 people to you because of your excellent service and will continue to recommend you. 
I'll think over my situation and if I do get a new visa it will surely be through your company. Thanks again.
Best regards


Message from: Mr. Mikhail - Russia
Great thanks!!!
With kind regards,

Message from: Ms. Anastasiia Fediakova - Russia
Dear Ms Thuy Duong,
I appreaciate your reply and the quick service you have provided me with. I have checked the letter and everything seems to be accurate.
I cannot say yet whether I will travel to Vietnam often but I will surely recommend your agency to my friends and family.
I would also like to clarify one more thing: I have read that for the citizens of Russia there is no stamping fee, is that true? Or should I prepare the sum just in case?
I thank you in advance and I wish you a nice day.
Best Regards,

Anastasiia Fediakova


Message from: Mr. Johan Oehrn - Sweden

Thank you very much for a quick and reliable service!

Best regards,
Johan Öhrn


Message from: Mr. Vladimir - Russia

Dear Duong 
Thanks a lot! It's very nice to deal with your company.


Best regards
Vladimir Khalikov


Message from: Mr. Petr Vyskocil - Czech Rebuplic

Dear Thuy,

That is amazing of you, I truly appreciate your great help!


Message from: Ms Viviane Thanh Ha Nguyen - Canada

Dear Duong

Thanks so much! 

You are the best! :-)


Message from: Mr Baik - South Korea

Dear Ms. Duong

I got receive my visa approval letter.

Thank you so much.

Next time if I have a chance to visit  Vietnam again, make sure I will contact with your company for the visa.

Thanks again.

Best Regards

Vietnam Visa Provider Customers Testimonials at here:

Message from: Ms Viktoriji Guzeva - Latvia

Dear Thuy Duong, 

Thank you so much. It was very fast!

Best regards,


Message from: Mr Milan Stefanec - Czech Republic

Dear Duong,

Thank you very much for fast processing and for other information.

Have a nice day

Milan Stefanec


Message from: Mr Zachary Riley Wurz - USA

Dear Duong,

Everything looks great, thank you so much. I will definitely recommend your service to others.


Message from: Mr Hiren Pandey - India

Hi Thuy,
Impressed with your work in getting approval within a day.
Will always reach you and your company    For any future works .
I also promise to take you over coffee on my second trip to Hanoi and Halong bay. 
Thanks once again for your timely help. 



Message from: Mrs Laura Lee Penn - US

Thank you very much.  I will be certain to recommend you service to others traveling to Vietnam.
have a lovely day.
Best regards

Message from: Mr Jordan Reabold - US

Hello Duong

Thank you for your prompt service in preparing this letter and issuing it to the Viet Nam governing office. I greatly appreciate your approach, as well as your professionalism. I will recommend your services to future travelers that I meet. 

Thank you again!

Jordan Reabold


Message from: Mr Alexander Sokolov - Russian Federation

Dear Duong

Thank you for rapid clearance visa. Since you are very nice to deal with. All data in the correct visa.
Thank you for your business.

With respect
Alexander Sokolov

Message from: Mr Mark - UK

Morning Thuy,

Thanks very much for your great help, i will recommend your services if i know anyone going to Vietnam!

All the best,


Message from: Ms Patricia Cavanaugh - USA


Just wanted to let you know I got my letter yesterday. Thank you so much for the quick action on this.

Pat Cavanaugh

Message from: Ms Saoirse Julie Barry - Ireland

Good Morning Thuy

That is perfect.

Thank you very much for the fast and efficient service.

Kind regards,

Saoirse Barry.

Message from: Mr Robert Cousins - UK

Dear Ms Thuy Duong,

Thank you for the quick response. All the information in the document is correct. 

Thanks again for your help and speedy service.

All the best, 

Robert Cousins

Message from: Mr Ui Sung Jung - South Korea

Hello Duong

Thanks appreciated it. Can i know the address of your local office in HCM City?

I'd love to use your service after i enter in Vietnam to extend or renew my visa afterwards.



Message from: Ms Vega Flores Victoria Alejandra - Chile

Dear Duong

I read the information in the letter and everything is ok.

Thanks again for you excellent service.



Message from: Mrs Karen Amanda Conn - US

Thank you so very much!  I look forward to writing a good review for you:)  And I will check out your website for travel ideas, too!

Best wishes


Message from: Ms Angela Marshall

Dear Ms Thuy Duong,

Thank you so much with your very efficient help with arranging the visa approvals – very much appreciated!


Angela Marshall

Message from: Mr. Meelis

Dear Duong

Thank you for the quick response, excellent service.



Message from: Ms Lydia

Dear Ms Duong,

Thanks a lot for doing so quickly your work!!

Everything is allright!

Thank you. Greatings, Lydia

Message from: Ms Dzina

Dear Duong

Thank you very much for your help. Good luck to you in your work!

Best regards


Message from: Mr Chittapala

Hi Thuy,

Thank you very much for processing & sending my VOA approval letter!

Best wishes,

Message from: Ms Cauvin Jade Miri

Wow Thuy !! So fast !! Thank you so much !! All the info is correct ^^

Have a great day!


Message from: Mrs Lou Ann Go

Dear Duong

Thank you. will save your business and look forward to doing business with your company again. 

Best regards

Massage from: Dr Cho Namkee


I received VISA with thanks.

I really aapreciate your efforts again.

By the way,

I will want to receive VISA my own soon.

I'll let you know soon.

Best regards

Dr. Cho

Message from: Jack Ronan & Sarah Gray

Hi Duong,

Many thanks! Everything is in order, and all complete very quickly.

You have a great service, and I will certainly recommend you to anyone I meet in need of Vietnam Visa.

Thank you, and best regards,


Message from: Mr James & Jenny

Dear Trang

We are now back home, and i would like to thank you so much for your super support to our visa issues in such a short notice. You made it so easy and quick. We will certainly recommend your Vietnamvisaprovider and services to the people we know.

Kind regards
James & Jenny

Message from: Ms Anne Rodden

Dear Ngoc

Thank you for organising my visa letter and holiday in Vietnam. The hotel was very nice and all the guides were wonderful- very knowledgeable and friendly.  I felt very safe and well looked after. I hope to visit Vietnam again to explore your beautiful country some more. In the meantime, I will recommend your company to any friends who travel there.

Thank you
Ms Anne Rodden

Message from: Mr Martin OBrien - UK

Hi Dung,

Thank you so much for best Vietnam visa service.

Martin Jame O'Brien.

Message from: Ms Botakoz - Kazakhstan

Good morning! thank you very much for your help! you were super fast!
and the price is excellent! thank you!
have a nice day!

Message from: Mr Marek - USA

Hi Dung,

I would like to say thanks for your service, I've received Vietnam visa letter very fast.

Thank you!

Marek Tarasiewicz

Message from: Mr Junius Paras - Australia

Thank you! I've received my Vietnam Visa Authorization letter.

Junius Paras

Message from:  Ms Adriana - Canada

Hi Dung, Thank you.

Best Regards,

Message from: Mr Jerzy Eles - Canada

Thank you so much. I've received our visa approval letter.

Jerzy Eles

Message from: Mr Brian - UK

Thank you


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