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First appeared in the ninth century, coffee has become one of the most popular beverages worldwide. While coffee cultivation grows well in many tropical countries; how to prepare a cup is really diverse, both in Western countries than Eastern. Indeed, the coffee each field has a distinctive taste. Take the example of Vietnam, which is not only famous for coffee, but also for the tasting mode.

While the coffee was originally cultivated by the French in northern Vietnam since 1888. Currently, Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter country in the world and indeed, most of Vietnamese love this drink.

If you get used to cappuccino, espresso or Americano; you will be surprised garantissement the special flavor of Vietnamese coffee. In fact, the preparation of a Vietnamese cup is not complex. After being roasted, coffee beans are ground and then poured into a filter. Then hot water is added therein and waits for a few minutes. If you would like the bitter taste, consisting of a coffee suits you. However, be careful of your choice! This is because you may be drunk caffeine. Also, add some condensed milk is a good way to balance the flavor. Contemplating drops of black coffee falling drip on the tablecloth of white milk below you will certainly be interesting.

In addition, the egg coffee is considered a specialty of Hanoi. In fact, there are two methods for a cup of coffee to egg: whether we bat a raw egg directly into a hot coffee; either you go up the egg whites and pour this mixture on the consisting of coffee. You will be passionate bitter coffee, fat egg and its lovely scent.

Vietnam in general and large cities in particular, you will easily find a cafeteria. With varied scenery, these cafeterias meet the needs of different segmentations. However, just sip coffee at sidewalk under the shade of the trees, is the most favorite choice of citizens, especially Hanoians and Saigon People. With a really reasonable price (the order of about 15,000 to 50,000 VND), you will have a delicious coffee. Contemplate daily life, talk with friends, and enjoy a cup will give you unforgettable moments.

Moreover, you can buy some coffee brand products Trung Nguyen (the most famous coffee in Vietnam) as gifts for your family and friends.


Mekong Delta is one of the longest rivers in the world. The delta actually encloses a vast plain fertile, crossed by innumerable canals where many sailing boats. In this region, people live in harmony with the river. Fishing, agricultural work, markets, transport ... everything depends on the Mekong.
Discover the favorites of this attractive land with us!

1. Can Tho
You can not miss once visited Can Tho Mekong Delta. This area reflects perfectly the characteristics of the delta. With a complex network of many channels, a boat ride and is a "must" to do to discover. In Can Tho, visit the floating market of Cai Rang is unavoidable. From early morning, local go there to perform their trade. You can see hundreds of boats after which stacked fruit or vegetable pyramid as tomato, mango, pineapple, dragon fruit ... Do not forget to check out early, otherwise you will miss this mosaic at the busiest time.

2. Ben Tre
Ben Tre, capital of coconut with coconut groves of sight will offer you a good time and a beautiful glimpse of the delta. Here, a boat ride takes you to the heart of coconut palm forests, picturesque villages, lush orchards. Still, a bike ride is a pleasant means of transportation to explore small corners of this earth.

3. Chau Doc
Chau Doc is characterized by a multitude of Khmer pagodas in the middle of rice fields, floating fish farming villages, and Cham villages. You find here a cultural interaction of cultures Cham, Khmer, Chinese and Vietnamese existing for decades.

Especially if you like a natural discovery, a visit to the heart of Tra Su forest cajeputiers please. This place actually thrive huge cajeputiers, eucalyptus and niaoulis overlapping on the bottom of rivers while Lemna minor (small duckweed) covers the surface of the water with its clear green color. This place is also protected from over 30 animals and reptiles and a rich bird population over 70 species have been identified to date. The high water season from July to December is a wonderful time to discover the mangrove. At that time, the water covers the entire forest and landscapes are the most beautiful

4. Tra Vinh
Once visited it, you will have the opportunity to soak up the Khmer culture. We easily found the Khmer pagodas everywhere. The pagodas are considered not only a religious center, but also a community center for the village anda education center for children.

5. Long Xuyen
Long Xuyen is known for the floating market of Long Xuyen. Located along the river in the city of An Giang, this floating market comes alive at dawn, hundreds of boats full of goods have created a colorful painting.

Come explore the land without any regrets!

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