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Sapa Travel Guide

As you may know that Vietnam is among most popular tourist destinations in the world. It has excellent tourists sites, ancient temples and pagodas, exotic beaches, and calm waters. What is more, the country also boasts some of the most amazing mountainous regions in the area. Also, visiting Vietnam can bring you a lot of joy and pleasure. With so many places to visit and activities to do, you are hard pushed not to visit this marvel of nature.

In short, visiting Vietnam for experiencing the incredible beauty of nature could well be the best decision you’ve made in a while. One such beautiful and exotic location in Vietnam is Sapa. This place is buzzed with tourists all around the year. If you are looking to go abroad to visit exotic places, here is your chance to get Sapa tour packages. But, before packing your bags, give a close look to Sapa travel guide and explore ways to manage your Sapa tour with ease. Due to its natural beauty, people flock into Sapa to experience the charm of nature firsthand. Here is more on visiting Sapa and places to see in this beautiful region:

sapa travel guide

Sapa Weather
Due to its geographical location, Sapa has boasted a near perfect weather for tourism all year long. Compared to other areas, this area remains cold for the most of the year. Average humidity is on the higher side and remains around 75-85%. Similarly, the temperature ranges in this region range around 10-15 degree Celsius. This weather makes Sapa an ideal place to visit all around the year. However, the summer season is considered as the perfect time to visit this place. During summers, the temperature remains somewhere around 15-18 degree Celsius, which is quite pleasant. If you are to come during seasons, visit Sapa during the months of June-July, or October-November. Visiting in October means that you’ll be able to enjoy the site of lush green rice paddies.

Places To Visit
Sapa has several locations to visit, but the following sites are more popular among tourists:

•    Fansipan spot
•    Heaven gate
•    Giang Ta Chai village
•    Cat Cat village
•    Ta Van village
•    Lao Chai village

Fansipan Spot
Commonly referred as the Roof of Indochina, the Fansipan Mountain is approximately 3143 meters tall. That’s not all, it is an ideal place for trekking and seeing unique floral varieties. It is home to unique fauna nd flora. With over 2025 floral and 327 faunal species, Fansipan has a varying topography.

Heaven’s Gate
The name says it all. The Heaven’s Gate is an exotic location located at the northern crossroads of Vietnam. The locals call this place as tram Ton pass. The Tram Ton Pass is an exotic location and you'll see tourists rushing to it for the most part of the year. For 150,000 Dong, you can take a taxi ride around this location. The ride will also include around 3 km of waterfall region while 1km for reaching to the viewpoint of Heaven’s Gate.

Cat Cat Village
It is a historic village and the home to many ethnic cultures and groups. The place is incredibly beautiful and widely attracted due to its marvelous natural scenery, friendly and pleasant weather, mountains and greenery. You’ll like the fact that the village is quite close to many hotels and resorts in the region. Some of the hotels are just minutes away from the village. Downtown Sapa is also quite close to the Cat Cat village. Ideal activities include trekking, taking photos of the scenery, making videos, cycling, exploring mountains or just staying at home and enjoy the view.

Ta Van Village
Another exotic location in Sapa region. Known as a major attraction the Sapa tour packages, and almost all tourists are advised to visit this place. The Ta Van village is a small area comprising of mountains. The area seems as if it is located in the cradle of the nearby mountains. Home staying is the favorite activity that many tourists in this region do. Trekking is also equally popular, but the mountains are too high to do it all by yourself.

Lao Chai Village
It is just 6 kilometers away from the central town, the village is popularly known as the residence of H’Mon community. Compared to other Vietnamese communities, these people feature a darker complexion and are quite popular due to their friendly behavior towards the tourists.Perhaps the most exciting site is the panoramic view of the village that is backed by tall mountains and a beautiful river cutting through the village in half from the center. Enjoy the fresh air, clear water stream, and other neighboring communities with over 100 families, and the local hospitality.

Giang Ta Chai village
This small place is packed with some of the most breathtaking natural sites in the entire region. It also has an accessible waterfall here that adds more charm to the place. You can reach the place either by bus or ferry. During the rainy season, the flow of waterfall becomes twice as powerful as in non-rainy season.Due to its tall mountains, and a soft terrain, Giang Ta Chai village has become a popular trekking spot.

Things To Do in Sapa
Look around each of the sites in Sapa, and you’ll immediately notice that the place is perfect for trekking. In fact, trekking is the most preferred activity that tourists think of upon arriving Sapa. Taking snaps of your friends and family while touring, exploring mountains or rafting in the river is another major attraction of this part of the country. Home staying, though not so common, and preferred, is still a musical activity in Sapa and you’ll enjoy doing it at some places.

All in all, your Sapa tour packages will mark the completion of a momentous journey during your Vietnam travel. Make sure you acquire your Vietnam visa on the airport and consult your Sapa travel guide before starting the trip.

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