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Sapa tour package with Indochinavalue

Lush green mountains, beautiful beaches, ancient temples, and the allurement of a fascinating culture appeal millions of visitors to Vietnam each year. Today, the country is appearing as an increasingly blooming nation, with a flourishing tourism industry, mostly due to recent economical reforms and a successful effort by its people to emphasize that Vietnam is a beautiful nation.

Sapa tour package

Wintertime in Vietnam is very cold and humid, especially the northern mountain areas of which Sapa is a popular destination, however winter is the best time to discover the beauty of this high land.

Sapa always stands on the top list of winter destinations in your Vietnam travel. This is popularly known as "City in the fog" and has the particular of northwest mountains to enjoy with blue skies, white clouds and varieties of colourful flower blossoming all year round and many travellers come to Sapa in the winter.

Winter is very cold in Sapa, sometime weather drops to below zero grades, grass and tree branches are incubated with ice. Sapa on icy days always attracts many tourists and photographers and strangely all the most beautiful pictures are taken in wintertime.

Sapa has many walking paths into the village with beautiful scenes of nature, flower forest. The hamlets on the hillsides, along streams, brocade gown spread on huge rocks, pieces of newly dyed linen flying in the thin haze makes Sapa becomes more beautiful and romantic destination. While is beach tourist spots are empty in winter Sapa is still bustling with tourists, mostly foreigners, they come to find out the natural and cultural beauty of the land over 100 years old.

Sapa is known as a city in the fog, however in winter, fog in Sapa is denser, causing blurry landscape, full of mystery. Fog spread everywhere, perching on the pine branches along the way, in the rice terraces causing blurred shadows of indigo skirts appears and disappears every now and then. Sapa town with homes is looming in the fog.

The ancient castles and modern villas built with Western architecture follow the winding roads or protruding on the slopes, hillsides. The roads in town are as beautiful as a picturesque. Despite the cold and fog, the ancient Sam trees along roadsides are still green. The forests of bamboo, pines are immense. Along the red tiled road, hovering in the fog, the women putting on bamboo baskets on their back are walking speedily, their heads are wrapped up with colourful scarves.

Located in Muong Hoa valley, less than 10 km from Sapa, the Cat Cat village is a vivid picture of the Hmong culture. The houses are roofed by a kind of Po Mu wood, with the mainstays placed on round or square rock. The outer room is full with brocade clothes for sale, souvenirs, bronze and silver jewellery and ethnic instruments such as Dan Moi, pan leaf, bamboo flute.

Close to Sapa, Y Ty is inspiring tourists to return after their first visit. There is still large number of tourists coming to Y Ty on cold winter days; this place is reckoned as paradise for young backpackers. The wonderful thing in Y Ty is the natural landscape; there is here jungle, cardamom, Son Tra flower and little houses plastered with earth. Coming to Y Ty, home stay in the village is the most interesting, travelers stay and has dinner with the hosts, enjoy herbal bath served by local ethnic people. Y Ty in wintertime is still very attractive captivating adventurous tourists to experience life in a distant land.

In recent years, home stay has become a favourite experience especially for the young people doing tours to Sapa thanks to reasonable prices, culture and closeness to the nature. In response to the increasing demand, many families have renovated their houses in order to receive tourists, visitors to Vietnam can stay the night with family, learn about cultural characteristics, enjoy local cuisine of the area.

In the famous places such as Sapa, Bac Ha, Bat Xat home stay is developing very fast with more and more professional services of the hosts, In addition to accommodation and food, homeowners can also become tour guides taking visitors to experience Vietnam’s life in the village.

When travelling in a large group of people with varying ages, different kind of interests, and varieties of tastes, it can be difficult to plan a cohesive Vietnam trip that suits everyone.  So IndochinaValue is always here to help you at any contest. In Vietnam, you have the opportunity to create a Vietnam family trip that suits everyone’s needs because it is still relatively cheap to travel Vietnam and easy to find activities that the whole family will enjoy.

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