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The Reasons to Travel to Vietnam in the Low Season

Vietnam’s tourism figures have been growing impressively in recent years. There are many independent travellers but for those wanting to get the best out of the Country, it is probably better to look for Vietnam tour packages with an experienced Vietnam travel agency with intimate knowledge of this impressive country. There is a high and low season in Vietnam, but such is the size of the Country and the extensive coastline with sea always being a factor in climate that there is always a reason to visit Vietnam, all twelve months of the year.

It is easy to get a Vietnam visa, with a visa on arrival at the main airports at Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City the most common way to get the appropriate one. A cheap visa to Vietnam may be the practical starting point of a holiday but visitors need to decide when to travel. There are reasons to travel to Vietnam in what is regarded as the low season, between May and September.

You may think that avoiding these months will mean you miss the monsoon rains but you should not imagine that a monsoon means heavy downpours day after day; it is not like that. It tends to be hotter during the low season, and there is more rain but it can be refreshing, reducing temperatures somewhat as well.

So why should you choose low season for your visit?

Vietnam tour packages are available all year round and they select the highlights of the Country. In low season, consider these things:

The SaPa Terraces
These terraces in the Northern Highlands are a stunning sight. Once the terraces are flooded in the late spring, they shimmer in the sun with the water glistening impressively. As the weeks go by and the rice comes through, they change through various shades of green until they turn golden as the become ready for harvest. Those lovely shades of green as all in low season. If you visit SaPa after harvesting, through from November to March, you will see just untidy terraces that are not worth taking your camera out for.

travel in vietnam in low season

Value for Money
Vietnam offers excellent value all year round but it becomes even cheaper in the low season. That relates mostly to accommodation but that is a significant factor in a Vietnam holiday. While there is no guarantee of this, airline fares do vary throughout the year and with less demand in low season, you may find there is a saving to be had there as well.

You will also have more choice than in high season, especially if you have just made a decision to travel in Vietnam at the last minute.

There is less reason to plan everything well in advance, and to book it as well. When you have the flexibility to change your plans at the last minute for whatever reason, you can certainly make best use of your time in Vietnam.

The Crowds
One of the disadvantages of visiting popular tourist attractions is that they can be crowded. That is why there is often be advice to arrive early or go there late to avoid peak demand. Such sites look no different in the low season; there are just fewer people around wanting to see them.

Take for example Halong Bay, the UNESCO World Heritage site due east of Hanoi. There is a host of islands through which you can cruise at your leisure, stopping to swim and explore from time to time. The Bay does get very busy when there are both locals and overseas visitors wanting to enjoy the place. There is no compelling climatic reason why you should not enjoy Halong Bay in the low season.

The Positive Impact of Rain
Water refreshes. How many times have you suddenly felt better after a shower? Water has that effect on the body but also on flora, and vegetation in general. The SaPa Terraces are a single example of a place that comes alive because of water. The environment in general in Vietnam seems to come to life with the rain. As already mentioned, monsoon rain does not automatically mean torrential downpours every day. Some days there may only be an afternoon shower that can be welcome on a hot day.


The Beachescheap vietnam visa
There is nothing to stop you enjoying many of the resorts of Central and Southern Vietnam during the low season. The area around Danang was popular with the Americans as a place to relax during a break from the War. Resorts have developed on the Central Coast as well as further south. Mui Ne Beach and Phu Quoc Island off the Cambodian Coast in the South China Sea are just two of the many places where you can enjoy the low season in Vietnam and pay less for the privilege.

Vietnam is open for business all year round. There is a well-developed transport infrastructure so there is minimal disruption even during heavy rains. Don’t think that you will confront them every day during the low season because no climate is entirely predictable. There are certainly some places in Vietnam that become far more attractive in the low season, refreshed by the rains.

City life varies little around the year though there may be a marginal difference in the bustle during the low season. You may well find souvenir shopping slightly cheaper because the traders will have fewer potential customers and the city’s landmarks will be a little quieter, except perhaps for weekends.

There is no reason at all not to travel to Vietnam during the low season. After all, the Northern Hemisphere summer is the peak time for annual holidays when there is more time for a break. If you take it in Vietnam, you will have an unforgettable experience. It costs you nothing to talk and get a bespoke itinerary put together by an experienced travel agent that knows where best to take you between May and September.

By Vivutravel

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