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Mai Chau Travel Guide

You would’ve known many reasons for choosing Vietnam as your next traveling destination. Though traveling may take a little longer if you are coming from the western states, as the country is located in East Asia. The Indochina region is a famous for many things, one being the natural sights and sound you find here are rarely seen in other parts of the world. As such, the region becomes the preferred tourist spot by default. Add affordability to that, and you have an area that most tourists would love to visit. Similarly, most countries in this region boast a tropical climate, and amazingly beautiful sites, both attract a lot of visitors each year. However, out of all Indochina countries, Vietnam stands out for a plethora of reasons.

Firstly, the state offers most beautiful places out of all East Asian countries. Places like Hanoi, Hui An, Halong Bay and Mai Chau offer gorgeous sights indeed. Then, traveling to Vietnam is more affordable compared to other locations. If that’s not all, you’ll be able to visit some of the most inspiring destinations that jaw-dropping natural beauty and pleasant weather. The relatively cold climate is another reason why many visitors love to visit Vietnam. So, it’s time to grab your Vietnam visa and start your Vietnam travel. Here is more on places to visit in Mai Chau, Vietnam:

Mai Chau travel guide

Visiting Mai Chau
To get the most out of your Mai Chau tour packages, make sure to consult your Mai Chau travel guide. Located around 140 kilometers from Hanoi and at 150 Meters Above Sea Level (ASL), Mai Chau is a naturally gifted rural district that is surrounded by two towering mountains.The center of the landscape has an abundance of green paddies of therice crop. Looking at the transformation of raw rice field to harvesting stage is a breathtaking experience. However, to see this transition, you may need to extend your Mai Chau tour packages. Approaching down the breezy Cliffside will give you more enchanting sights. Overall, the place is a wonder of nature, and could easily force you to extend your stay here.

Thong Khe Pass
For those of you who didn’t know, Mai Chau is a must visit place in your tour. The Thung Khe Pass is one of the enchanting attractions in this Mai Chau district. With magnificent landscapes of green, you’ll enjoy traveling the place on foot more than bikes. The wafting yellow fields of ready to harvest rice and the mountains are perfect for trekking.

Mau Long Cave
It is made off limestones and appears quite imposing from a distance. In fact, it comprises of many caves and forms a unique cave complex. Moreover, the complex has two entrances with four potholes. The main cave is located within the area of Mai Chau village district. Whenever you come here to visit the area, it appears to have a degree of mystery around it. After the sunset, the caves seem to begin to look more mysterious.

Cave Of Chieu
Compared to other caves in the region, the Chieu Cave stands out for some reasons. For instance, to reach the cave, you’ll be required to climb around 1200 steps of stone. Naturally, not many people would be able to climb that many steps so only a select few make it to the top. However, if you somehow made it to the top, you’ll be glad for making an effort. Upon looking down from the top, you’ll find the scenery of the entire region quite surprising.

The Village Of Lac
This village is located in the mountains and enjoys a unique location among other villages of Mai Chau. You can also say that it is located in the mountain refuge as it is between the hills. As such, the village is a busy place and is home to some different ethnicities. Below four are the Thai ethnicities that reside here:
•    Ha
•    Lo
•    Mac
•    Loc

These people have nestled in the humongous high passes around the village. Whether you are with family or alone, visiting the place is an ideal way to enjoy the nature in its original form. Also, don’t forget to enjoy tasty local cuisines during your stay.

Pa Co and Mount Markets
Shopping centers in the middle of villages? That’s true! But, these are not like your urban shopping malls, rather they are a collection of local shops. It is a busy marketplace where you can buy a lot of unique local items. For instance, you’ll find beautiful colorful fabrics, vegetables and farm fresh meat, fruits and other everyday products. You’ll find plenty of souvenirs that you can take back home and share with friends. All in all, this busy little marketplace has an abundance of things that will remind you of your tour to Mai Chau in years to come.

Nature Reserve Of Pu Luong
As the title suggests, it is a natural reserve that protects the land. The natural reserve is home to some wildlife and is declared as the preserved region by the government. It is a park that stretches from the borders of Mai Chau village district all the way to the boundaries of Cuc Phuong Park located in the southeast region of the country. The place is a terrific tourist attraction for many reasons. The weather and terrain are just perfect for tourism, with amild breeze blowing over the lush green landscape for the most of the year.

The Village Of Van
Don’t mistake the village name for the English word. The Van village is equally beautiful and can be compared with the beauty of Lac village located nearby. The village is also surrounded by exotic mountains and appears like a unique landscape when you enter here. The incredible mountainous scenery, relaxing beauty, and current climate will let you stay here longer than you’ve planned.

So, with so many tourist spots waiting for you to begin your Mai Chau tour packages, you should visit as soon as your schedule permits.

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