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Quy Nhon Travel Guide

Quy Nhon Travel GuideQui Nhon is the little visited provincial capital of Binh Dinh province. Although it was recognised as a city as late as 1898, its history reaches back to the days of the Kingdom of Champa. In the 11th century, the Cham people migrated southwards and moved their capital city to a location about 30km north of present-day Qui Nhon and named it Vijaya. It survived until 1471, when the citadel was sacked by the Vietnamese.

Quy Nhon is a southeastern city of Binh Dinh Province in the middle part of Vietnam. In an area of 284.28 km, Quy Nhon is the place of various types of soil, beaches, resorts and water species… and the home to more than 810000 people.

Quy Nhon is 1065 km far from Ha Noi in the north, 690km from Ho Chi Minh City to the south. About climate, weather in Quy Nhon is divided into two specific seasons: dry season (from March to September), rainy season (the rest time in year). The annual average temperature is 24.5oC. Nowadays, Quy Nhon is a beautiful place with special features of a potential tourist destination. There is something you can’t miss when visiting this place:

1. Fish noodles: This traditional dish is not only famous in Binh Dinh but also well-known in Vietnam due to its flavors and cooking ways.

2. Twin Brick Tower (Hung Thanh Towers): Hung Thanh Towers is an architectural structure with two similar towers while one is 18m high and the other is 20m.

3. Long Khanh Pagoda: a Buddhist pagoda built in 18th century.

4. Thi Nai Bridge: the longest sea overpass in Vietnam (2477.3m)

5. Ghenh Rang Tien Sa: a beautiful shore with beaches and islets, emerald waters and white sand.

Quy Nhon Travel Information

Things to do

The ancient Cham Pa legacy

The ancient Cham Pa legacyLittle remains of Vijaya. It became the capital of the short-lived Tay Son Kingdom in the 18th century and abandoned thereafter. Now only a few walls and a single tower remain standing.

There are fourteen Cham towers and monuments in varying stages of decay around Binh Dinh province, but the most convenient are a mere two kilometres from Qui Nhon city centre. The Thap Doi Cham Towers are surrounded by buildings, which diminished their impact somewhat, but they are good examples of Cham craftsmanship.

Further away, there are two notable sites. The four remaining towers of the Banh It group are on a hill just outside Binh Dinh town, about 25km inland from Qui Nhon. The 22m-high main tower has been restored, with plenty of replacement brickwork in evidence. The neighboring tower has also been tidied up, but has been left in a rougher state. Several fine bas-reliefs of dancers from Banh It are displayed in the Cham Museum in Danang.

Around 50km from Qui Nhon, the three Thap Nga (Ivory) Cham Towers are regarded as one of the best Cham tower complexes in Vietnam. The central building is 24m high, and embellished with granite ornamentation representing Naga and Elephants. The others are both 22m high.

The Quang Trung Museum

The Quang Trung MuseumNguyen Hue, a national hero of the 18th century, was one of three brothers who led the Tay Son Insurrection. In 1788, he led a peasant army northwards from Phu Xuan (Hue) to Thang Long (Hanoi) where they defeated the occupying Chinese forces and liberated the royal capital. Nguyen Hue declared himself Emperor Quang Trung, but his dynasty lasted only fourteen years before his forces were crushed by the Nguyen Lords.

Despite the brevity of his reign, he is regarded with great affection in Vietnam, hence the museum created in his memory. It’s located in Kien My village in Tay Son District, 45km from Qui Nhon,

The Long Khanh Pagoda

Quin Nhon City is short of attractions, but the Long Khanh pagoda is worth a visit. The 17m high Buddha is impressive, as is the ‘thousand-eyed and thousand handed’ Goddess of Mercy.

The Leper Hospital

Normally, this wouldn’t feature as a place to visit. However, this one is different. Instead of the usual depressing institution, Qui Nhon’s Leper Hospital is a model of good practice. Patients live with their family in comfortable chalets in well maintained gardens, and work on handicrafts. Visitors are always welcomed, and most find it an uplifting experience.

The Beach

Qui Nhon’s beach is quite small, but OK. However, Qui Hoa beach is about eight kilometers away and much better. By coincidence, you get there through the grounds of the Leper Hospital., (Walk or bike about 1.5km west from the train station along the main road (Tran Hung Dao) until you see them to your right. Buses 4 and 6 stop just past the towers.). Some good examples of Cham architecture: a pair of towers situated right in the city and located in a small park. Easily reachable and in very good condition. The towers are open to the sky, visit around noon to see the sun shining inside.

Things to eat

Grilled Chopped Fish

 Grilled Chopped FishQuy Nhon’s cha ca (grilled chopped fish) is famous due to being made from certain species of fresh fish, such as lizard-fish, mackerel, and flying fish.
Fried or steamed fish are two kinds of cha ca. They are more delicious when being enjoyed with hot chili sauce.
Cha ca is the main ingredient for banh canh or bun ca (rice vermicelli with fried fish) dishes. The seasoning for the dishes also includes a cauldron of well-stirred paste sauce which is cooked from fish bone and other spices. There are two kinds of banh canh often made from rice flour and wheat flour.

Quy Nhon Transportation

Quy Nhơn is served by Vietnam Airlines through Phu Cat Airport, with flights to Đà Nẵng and Ho Chi Minh City. Quy Nhơn Railway Station is reached by a branch off the main line of the North–South Railway. Reunification express trains stop only in Diêu Trì Railway Station, which is around 10 km west of Quy Nhơn.

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