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Ninh Binh Travel Guide

A Trip To Ninh Binh
If you have been to Vietnam, you would know that the country has abundance of touring spots. In fact, it has so many that Vietnam is called as the tourist heaven by most. It is a country that has rich culture, lively traditions and awe inspiring tourism sites. When it comes to sites, Vietnam has no analogs. As a country with great traditions and rich history, it is already attractive to tourists and explorers from around the world. Here is more on why choose Ninh Binh as your next travel destination:

Why Ninh Binh?
After receiving your Vietnam visa, you will likely travel to your favorite destination. Vietnam travel is amazing fun and a great learning experience for a range of reasons. For first time tourists, Vietnam remains a highly desirable and popular tourist destination.Interestingly, the Ninh Binh city, the city having the same name as the province, is the capital of Ninh Binh province. Plan your Ninh Binh tour packages and have an experience like no other. To start the tour, it would be wise to go through the Ninh Binh travel guide properly. Also, hire an agent who is familiar with the region and could guide you throughout your tour. Upon entering the town, you’ll notice that it is a peaceful, quiet place, but that’s only part of the picture. The city actually serves as the base camp for tourists who intend to reach surrounding of region and the countryside.

Ninh Binh travel guide

Things To Do At Binh Ninh
Upon starting your Ninh Binh journey, you’ll notice several uncanny things about this place. Firstly, you’ll realize that the population is just 100000, which is pretty low for such a busy tourist spot. There could be several reasons for this but it could be because the region is remote for the most part. Furthermore, the local population befriends with foreigners, especially tourists. They show a very friendly attitude and seem to enjoy their region being visited all over the year. This is where the fun begins as here in this region, you will find some of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire country. Just make sure you head to the western side and you’ll find the delightful Halong Bay awaiting your arrival. This is the region where real fun begins, and the Ninh Binh is by the closest region to western tourist spots like limestone, scattered islands etc. in this part of Vietnam.

Hoa Lu
While you are at Ninh Binh, take a trip to Hoa Lu, the capital of Dai Co Viet has a lot of history behind it. Temples include Phat Kim princess temple, Le Dai Hanh emperor temple, Ly Thai emperor temple to name a few. The place is also famous for being ruled by emperors over a millennia ago.

Non Nuoc Mountain
The mountain of Non Nuoc stand tall near the Ninh Binh countryside. At the base of the mountain, you will see a nest of ancient pagodas. The pagodas are considered to be a gem of a monument for those who have interest in history and archeology. Some of these pagodas have unique inscriptions over them. Upon asking locals who could read them, they seem to be poetic in nature and shows that primitive population in the region had plenty to do with poetry. Moving on, at night time, you’ll notice that the mountain looks mysterious yet beautiful, and hence earned name “Sleeping Lady Mountain”.

Bai Dinh
No, it is not a sea shore, nor a mountainous region, rather it is the biggest population of pagodas in the whole of Vietnam. It is truly a place where history comes to life. Upon entering Bai Dinh, you will notice an eerie silence, which is understandable considering the nature of this place. Moreover, the pagoda holds several records to its name such as the largest statue of Buddha in the world, the biggest bell in a pagoda etc. Though other pagodas a smaller, the collection of so many pagodas in a single place makes Bai Dinh the hub of historic monuments in this part of Vietnam.

Tam Coc
It is another famous tourist spot in Ninh Binh and is a place with a lot of beaches, caves and mountains. If you are into adventures and explore new places, Tam Coc is an ideal place for you. Keep in mind that most of the region, despite its jaw dropping beauty, remains unexplored. So, enjoy the place to the fullest, but also pay attention to the advices of your tour guide.

Cuc Phuong National Park
At the foothills of northern part of Annamite mountains. The national park has it all including lush valleys, mountains of verdant karst and is located at the May Bac Mountain.You’ll also find multiple limestone caves in the park so don’t forget to explore them.

Phat Diem Cathedral
Located in the Kim Son district, the ancient cathedral is a reminiscent of renaissance era architecture. You’ll notice the eclectic architectural style all over the cathedral. After bombed during the Vietnam War, the government has since restored it to near original condition. From distance, it appears like an alien ship from another planet and is a busy tourism spot in Vietnam.

Bich Dong
It is one of the most beautiful cave pagodas in the region. Located on the Ngu Nhag Mountain since 1428 AD. The cave pagoda also has Thoung pagoda and Ha Strung pagoda with it. Apart from history, the place has some exotic scenery including beautiful mountains, green misty skies and lush green field.

Van Long Natural Reserve
From bustling Hanoi to silent Van Long, it is a journey that will excite you more than ever. The silence of this beautiful place is simply as inspiring as its scenery. The naturally gifted reserve within one hour through a bamboo rowboat. Enjoy the rice paddies, tall limestone peaks and blue sky.

Trang An
The place is basically has a plethora of mountains, caves and waters.  Trang An is a spectacular place to be, no matter how you look at it. This region offers so many activities that tourists get puzzled preferring one activity over the other. For instance, you can take a boat ride, take a deep dive in a swimming costume off course, or just sit at the shore and enjoy a nice sun bathe in the hot afternoon. If you are more into adventures, take a tour of one of the three caves located nearby. However, make sure you take a guide with you or you might get lost while on your way back to the hotel.

Also, don’t forget to taste the most delicious local and foreign cuisines while enjoying your Ninh Binh tour packages. Enjoy the time of your life and have a satisfied, fulfilling tour.

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