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Top Travel Destination to Spend Your Spendid Vietnam Holidays

Searching for most splendid destination to spend your holiday in the budget?

Vietnam tour packageVietnam is one of the popular tourist destinations in the South Asia. The land of Vietnam is known for its rich cultural heritage and ancient monuments. Vietnam tours are getting more popular in recent days. Vietnam once referred as the war currently. Currently, the scenario has totally changed.

Travelers from all over the world are very eager travel this stunning country. The land of Vietnam is a mixture of ancient monuments, rich culture and landscapes. Vietnam is filled with various historical monuments, ancient architecture, scenic landscapes, gigantic mountains, virgin caves, long silver coastline, rivers and unexplored dense forests.  Travelling this country gives unique and thrilling experience to the travelers.

The climate and season of the Vietnam change from north to south. Each and every place marked by different climates and seasons. The weather will be seasonal all round the year. The warm climate and unchanging season attract more travelers from all over the world. The Vietnam has lots of attraction to delight the travelers. Here are some top tourist destinations in Vietnam.

Halong bay:

Halong bay is one of the top traveler’s destinations in northern Vietnam. The scenic landscape is the natural wonder situated on the border of China. The bay is spotted with thousands of limestone islands. The limestone rock formation makes the place stunning. The tall rocks surrounded by the green plants with blue sea background makes this place look like heaven. The bay features a variety of bio-diversity. The beautiful area is covers thousand square kilometers. This beautiful bay is declared as the world heritage center. Helicopter facility is available for travelers to view this place at top angle.   

Hanoi city:

Hanoi is most populated and the capital city in Vietnam. This city is the heart and soul of Vietnam. The place is famous for its rich cultural heritage and ancient architecture. The city is located in the river bank Red River. The city is previously known as Thang Long. The monuments and sculpture in this city are built during      French colonial period. The French architecture gives astonishing charm to this beautiful city. The war museum in the city holds the memory accorded in the history. The city now filled with lots of hotels and recreational place to enthrall the travelers.


The place is located very near to the Hanoi city. Transport facility is available from Hanoi to the Sapa. The mountain land is turned into the rice field. The thick bamboo woodland is home to various wild animals. This colorful mountainous island to various tribal people. They make various handicrafts and ornaments in their sale center. The peaceful valley and green landscapes are most hospitable place for metropolitan peoples. Local people from urban areas will invade this place during the weekends.


The Hue is most affected and important place during the Vietnam War. This battle ground sacrifices lots of Vietnamese people to regain its historical importance. The Thien Mu Pagoda is the tallest monument in Vietnam. The pagoda is the unofficial mark of the ancient city. The temple was built during Nguyen dynasty. This temple now reconstructed with various intricate features. The boat trip in the Fragrance River gives more enthralling experience. 

Mui Ne:

The calm and sleepy coastal resort attracts more travelers. In the past the place was little in the habituated fishing village. The place has attained a major development in this decade. The coastal shore is excellent for travelers to rejoice their holidays. The long sliver seashore is heaven for sea diving, fishing and scuba diving. The wind surfing and sunbathing in the sea breeze is most predominate activity in this beautiful seashore. The sand dunes provide stunning panoramic sight during the sunset.

Ho Chi Minh Town:

The city also called as Saigon. The place is well recognized place during the Vietnam War. The blustering hub is occupied by the local residents.  The market in this city lots of tourists. The Reunification Palace and the war museum are a major traveler’s attraction to this beautiful city. The ancient monuments are designed with marvelous artwork and renowned paintings.

The Nha Trang:

The city is famous for its long silver sandy beaches. The city is located in Khanh Hoa province. The city is known as the seaside resort city. The pleasant climatic condition and vast beaches make this place perfect tourist attraction. The city is filled with various long beaches and luxurious sea resorts. Tran Phu is most popular and actively filled beach in Vietnam. The lush green seashore and artificial street lights make them more scenic.

Mekong Delta:

The Mekong delta is located in the southern region. This rich land is formed by the sediment of the Mekong River. This delta is changing every year that makes the place more popular. The river is massive and has two tides daily. The delta is famous for its rich diversity and wealth. The fertile soil and water availability makes heaven for rice cultivation. The delta produces more rice to feed the entire country. The place is suitable for breeding prawns and fishes. The chief tourist activity in the river is boating.

Cu Chi Tunnels:

The Cu chi tunnels are constructed during the French ruling period and continued for 25 years. The tunnel network is very massive and runs over 200 km in the Cu Chi district. The other tunnels reach the Cambodian borders. The tunnels are very deep some tunnels are very massive. The tunnels are built for living quarters which does not emit smoke. The tunnels once used as command centers, field hospital and as the weapon factory. The Cu Chi tunnels known as the iron triangle.

 Vietnam central Highland:

The Vietnam central highland is located in the southern region. This place island to various scenic mountains, massive waterfalls and dense forest. The climatic condition is very pleasant this place. This place is a famous destination among travelers for mountain trekking and adventurous sightseeing.  This highland is home to various rare animals and birds.

Cat BA Island:

This place is home to Vietnam’s biggest national park. The national park spread over 200 square kilometers. This place is home to over thousands of flora and fauna. The place is famous for water bodies and dense forests. The national park is ideal for travelers love hiking and forest trekking.

Vietnam tours

Vietnam Tours

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Vietnam Destinations

Vietnam Destinations

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