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Amazing Trekking Experience in Vietnam

About Vietnam Tours:
If you are looking for the best place to go for a vacation then you can choose Vietnam which has several interesting and amazing places to look. There are many travel agencies are offering Vietnam tour packages at affordable prices. You can choose a package which suits your budget. Many types of tours are included in the travel packages such as bike riding tour, sightseeing tour, beach tour, adventure tour, trekking tours, wildlife safari, bird watching tour, culture learning tour etc. You can choose a package based on your wish. Before opting for a travel agency, you must communicate with the travel agent about all your requirements and about the purpose of your trip to Vietnam. There are many affordable travel packages available but you must find the apt one.

Vietnam Geography And Population:
Vietnam is surrounded by the South China Sea on the south and west, China by north, Cambodia and Laos from the west, thus it occupies the eastern coast of South East Asian Peninsula. The landscape of Vietnam has mountainous regions, lowlands leading down from mountains to river deltas to coastal plains and thick forests. The major cities of the country include Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hanoi, etc. you can insist your Vietnam travel guide to take you to these places which offer you a lot of interesting places to visit. Around 87 percent of the country’s population is a Viet group of people and they inhabit the Central coastal delta, red river delta, Mekong delta and big cities. There are 53 ethnic groups of people living in mountainous areas. The groups include Thai, Tay, Khmer, Hoa, Muong, Hmong, Nung, etc.

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Rice Production In Vietnam:
When you are entering into the rural areas of Vietnam you can know about the rice production which is one of the main occupations of the Vietnamese. The important food supply and national economy of the country is based on the rice production in Vietnam. It is one of the richest agricultural regions in the world and the second largest rice exporter of rice. The Mekong delta plays a vital role in the production of rice where conditions are more favorable for the paddy cultivation in the country. The country has three ecosystems which dictate the rice culture of Vietnam. It includes northern delta, southern delta and northern highlands. The most famous irrigated system is carried out in the Mekong delta. The people of Vietnam believe that rice is a gift from god.

The Mekong River and the tributaries are very vital for the rice production of the country. The Mekong delta consists of 12 regions and has 17 million people. Among those people 80 percent of Vietnamese are involved in paddy cultivation and hence this region is proudly called as the rice bowl of the country. Vietnam tour packages include some of these places and if you get a chance to visit Vietnam, you can visit these places and know about their paddy cultivation. You will be more enjoyable to see men and women wearing a conical hat on their head and tending towards the paddy. The farming system of Vietnam also includes activities which are related to cash crops, rearing of animals, aquaculture and fruit trees. Saline and fresh water shrimp are grown under aquaculture.

Trekking Experience In Cat Ba Island:
If you are an active person and want to spend thrill holidays in Vietnam, then you can opt for the trekking tour which is engaged with a lot of exotic and unique scenery. There are two popular regions in Vietnam which is very appropriate for hiking and trekking. The regions include Cat Ba and Sapa which are located in the mother Vietnam. The spa is surrounded by a huge mountainous region where there are abundant rice fields. It also has some tribal villages where as Cat Ba is an island in the Halong Bay region and located along the coast of North east Vietnam. This island has a number of lakes, forests, waterfalls and limestone hills. You can find several trek levels in Vietnam and you can choose an appropriate level based on your thrilling expectation. It is best to get some basic ideas from the Vietnam travel guide in choosing the level. The best time to go for a trekking in the Cat Ba Island is between September and November because the temperature would be milder and humidity will be lower.

Home Stay In Sapa:
You can reach Sapa through train from Hanoi and this travelling itself will offer you a great experience as you can view the countryside while travelling. By morning you will be reaching the place where you can start your walking and while walking through the stunning mountain region, you will be availing the chance to notice a dramatic scenery changes. Sapa is considered to be the most excellent place where you can explore the bounded tribal villages. You can get a chance of staying with a local family in Sapa which is a part of your trekking and it is called as home stay. Here you can know about the everyday life of the Vietnamese.

Trekking Places In Sapa:
Y Linh Ho is a village which is located about 7 km in southwest of Sapa Town. You can reach this village only by walking. This village consists of a few small hamlet which are scattered on the steep high mountains. You can see Black H’mong tribe people cultivating their rice fields on the hillsides from these hamlets.

Another famous trek from Sapa is crowded and lively Bac Ha market. It is very colorful and is loved by the photographers. When you visit this market you can see a wide variety of local goods including vegetables, fruits, rice wine, blacksmith, livestock, prepared foods, local craft, bedspreads, cushions, blankets, costumes, hats and colorful handbags. From this market with a short trek you can reach Trung Do villages where Tay people reside. After visiting traditional and customary tray houses, you can return back to Sapa town. The best time for visiting Sapa to trek is from March to May as well as from September to December. All these trekking experience will make your holidays in Vietnam a memorable one.

Vietnam tours

Vietnam Tours

Vivutravel are reliable and leading travel company in Vietnam offering hundreds of memorable Vietnam tour packages in Hanoi, Sapa, Halong Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta, Phu Quoc Island ... with extension to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar.

Vietnam Destinations

Vietnam Destinations

Should you want to know why Vietnam holiday is top searched? How beautiful is Vietnam? Just click read more to get some more information about Vietnam travel destinations, attractions, and highlights of your dream Vietnam tours.

Vietnam Travel Guide

Travel Guide

Vietnam travel guide is where you can find useful information of Vietnam including Vietnam visa, Maps, History, Culture, Geography, Government, Shopping, Things to do, Best time to visit, Hotels, Restaurants, Entertainment, Facts...

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Tailor Made Tours

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