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Da Lat - Romantic Destination in Vietnam

Da Lat overview:
The Da Lat is most attractive and charming place in Vietnam. The city is the capital of the Lam Dong province. The greenest city is positioned 1,500m from the sea level. The city also called as the low city and the land of clouds. The central highland is home to thousands of pine trees that add more charm top this beautiful hill station. It is one of the desired destinations among the travelers to spend their summer in pleasant weather conditions. In DA Lat you can experience four seasons of Vietnam in a single day. In the morning the sunrise resembles the spring. In the noon the temperature is less high and resembles the summer season.

The weather of the city is pleasant all round the year. The night changes to cold. The temperature drops very low. It makes the city perfect location for Vietnam honeymoon vacations. The misty atmosphere, stunning valley, magnificent mountain, rivers and waterfall add more charm to this beautiful city. The spectacular fine tress in the side of the roads gives gorgeous look to the beautiful city. The hill station is most loved summer destinations among the foreign travelers and to the local Vietnamese people. The environment is perfect for growing fruit, flowers and vegetables. The beautiful city is ornamented with stunning garden of various flowers.

The French styled architecture, modern hotels and luxurious resorts delight the travelers. It is one of the perfect destinations in the world to spend your holiday with your loved ones. The DA lot is perfect stop for newly married couples spend their trip in a romantic environment.

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Climate and weather conditions of Da Lat, Vietnam:
The Da lat is the jewel city of central highland Vietnam. The beautiful mountain range, exotic valley, waterfall and lush green pine forest add more charm to this beautiful city. The city is situated in the Valley of Lang Biang Mountain. The Da Lat has beautiful weather condition in Vietnam. It makes the DA Lat excellent location for travelers to spend their time amazingly. The stunning city is placed 1500m height from the sea level. The humidity is high in the summer. The winter season reaches to freezing point in the months of May to August. The summer season between the June and august is ideal for the travelers.

Travel attraction in DA Lat Vietnam:
DA Lat is most beautiful and popular hill station in Vietnam. The city is loaded with various historical monuments, beautiful garden, luxurious hotel and modern villas. The pleasant weather and romantic environment make the city perfect for Vietnam honeymoon vacations. Here are various popular traveler attractions in Vietnam.

Lang Biang Mountain DA Lat, Vietnam:
The beautiful mountain range is situated on the Lac Duong District. It’s just 12Km from the DA Lat city center. The mountain also called as the Vein Mountain. The mountain looks like the roof of the DA Lat city. The beautiful mountain slope is covered with the pine forest that adds more charm. You can see the whole DA Lat city from the top of the mountain. The mountain is famous for adventurous mountain climbing and forest trekking. The foothills of mountain range are home to various tribal people. The golden and silver stream adds more beauty to this valley.

Da Lat Flower Gardens:
The flower garden around the city adds more charm to this beautiful city. The Da Lat also called as the city of thousands of flowers. Travelers can see various kinds of flower garden in the city. The city also hosts various flower shows and festivals in the summer season. You can delight your partner by getting to these beautiful gardens. The Bich Cau Garden is most popular in the city. The beautiful garden is home to different flowers. The annual festival in the flower garden attracts number of travelers. You can see hundreds of flowers including rose, orchids, lilies, daffodils and mimosas.

Da Lat Railway Station:
The DA Lat is loaded with various stunning landscapes and pleasant weather. The place is also well renowned for French architecture and monuments. The railway station in DA Lat is most unique and popular French style architecture. The railway station was constructed in the year 1932 by the two French architects Mancet and Reveron. The rail track was destroyed in the World War II and reconstructed later. It’s one of the popular and finest architecture in Vietnam. The paintings and art used in the building resembles the cultural and historical importance of Vietnam. The railway track is connected with other major cities of Vietnam.

Bao Dai Summer Palace:
The DA Lat called as the city of love. The city featured with pleasant weather, stunning landscape, several French architectures and antique villas. The palace is excellent for travelers to spend their vacation in the pleasant environment. The beautiful palace was constructed by the King Bao Day in the year 1937. The place is situated in the center of pine forest that adds more charm to the place. The villas are constructed for the royal families to escape from the summer heat in the down lands. The travelers can see the royal and the magnificence lifestyle of Vietnam kings.

Xuan Huong Lake:
The beautiful valley is located in the center of the DA Lat city. The beautiful lake is surrounded by various monuments and royal villas. The lake is artificially made by the Vietnamese rulers. The artificial lake now converted as one of the popular destinations among the travelers. The lake now connected with two canals for irrigation. The dam around the lake gets demolished by storm and reconstructed in 1935. The crested moon structure of the lake adds more charm to the lake. The clean water reflects the pine trees and other monuments around the lake. The swan boat ride is popular among the love couples to share their enjoyment.

Valley of love DA Lat, Vietnam:
The valley has undergone many difficulties in the past and now attained the right name. in the past, the valley is called as the “valley of peace” by the French rulers. The beauty and charm of the valley attract more travelers from all over the world. The romantic valley is an excellent Vietnam honeymoon holiday. Get to DA Lat with your partner and enjoy your trip in the romantic land.

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