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Vietnam tourist visa

At the end of last year, there was a celebration on Phu Quoc Island when the 10 millionth tourist of the year arrived in Vietnam. The country’s growth in popularity with overseas tourists is impressive. There is steady growth with the Vietnam visa on arrival in place to facilitate the entry of those visitors into one of the main international airports of Vietnam; it is a system not in place for those who arrive over land or sea. The Vietnam visa online procedure is a smooth process with a Vietnam visa provider an excellent way to complete the formalities before their holiday.

Vietnam tourist visa

In order to get the best out of the country, it makes sense to use the expertise of an experienced tour operator like Vivu Travel in Hanoi. Vivu Travel has the added advantage of having an associate company that can organise the cheap visa to Vietnam in no more than 2 or 3 business days.

Vietnam’s entry regulations vary from nationality to nationality. Some of them are in place for a finite period yet can then be extended. For example, the regulation dealing with citizens of countries such as the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy has been extended for a third year, finishing in summer 2018. There is every reason to think that this will be extended yet again. The point is that by using an experienced visa provider, you can be certain that you are using expertise that knows the current position that applies to you, and even possibly future trends.

Before you can apply for a Vietnam visa, you must check that your passport has six months’ validity minimum. That is fairly standard for travelling anyway in today’s world. There is no reason not to apply for a new passport early because the current period of validity is always added to the new term. Once you have checked that, you can obtain a Vietnam visa by filling in an application form and paying the appropriate fee. The form requires ID details and information about the holiday you are planning. If you are using Vivu Travel for a Vietnam travel package, you have all you need to hand.

Once the application form is submitted by the visa provider, an Approval Letter is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department with copies going both to the tourist and the Immigration officials at the intended airport of entry. It will have a date of entry and will not be valid for getting a visa stamped into a passport before that date. When the tourist presents their passport after landing in Vietnam, the visa will be stamped in accordance with the information provided.

Tourists are more than welcome in Vietnam, and the evidence of the increasing numbers suggests that they are enjoying their time in the country. Vivu Travel and its visa provider both play their part in making sure that it is certainly the experience that all its clients have on their holidays travelling through the country.

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