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Ha Giang Travel Guide

A Trip To Ha Giang
So, you’ve decided to get into a trip of a lifetime, but, choosing the right place is always difficult. On one hand, you have the heights and cold weather of Europe, the freezing Canada, and on the other side, you have a nice, pleasant, exotic region called Indochina. It is in this region that you’ll find some of the most exotic places to visit in the world. From sky-high mountains to the deepest seas, to bluish calm waters, there is so much to see and experience in the part of the world. So, if you want to see it all in one country, Vietnam visit is the perfect place o be. In Vietnam, you’ll have it all but don’t miss out on Ha Giang tour packages. Wondering why to consult Ha Giang travel guide? Here is why you should pay a visit to the place:

ha giang travel guide

Getting Started
Once you’ve got hold of your Vietnam visa, it’s time to rush through your journey. Being at a place like Vietnam you naturally begin to feel excited and impatient. Naturally, the very thought of visiting the most beautiful country in the region will increase your excitement every time. It is recommended that you must consider several things before embarking on your Vietnam tours, Why, because the country is so abundant in natural and attractive sites that you would be hard pushed not to visit them all. In fact, you’ll come across many visitors willing to extend their Vietnam visit just to see as many destinations as they could. Let’s get started:

Ma Pi Leng Pass
It is one of those must visit places in the Ha Giang province that you would regret not visiting. Rent a bike and take a ride from mountain ridges and abundant greenery on your way. Despite naturally rich and green, the region lacks in farm lands and this scarcity forces the locals to adapt. However, the local communities are very generous and friendly. Despite poverty, you would find these people very open hearted and polite.

Meo Vac Town
Located at the border between China and Vietnam, this beautiful village offers many attractions to visitors. Among them is the unique Sunday market the likes of which you’ll not find in any other region. The market is the hub of trade activities in Meo Vac village and neighboring towns. From the distance, the place looks quite photogenic so take as many photos as you can during your visit.

Vuong Palace
The Vuong Palace is located in the mountain province of Ha Giang and is a popular tourist destination. The palace itself is approximately a century old monument and was once the home to a powerful don and his family in this region. The palace has seen and survived at least two major wars during its lifetime, the French and the American war on Vietnam. Despite its resilience, the palace is now showing signs of wear and tear but still stands as a tall historic monument. A unique thing about this palace is that you’ll find poppy flowers around it in abundance. Over the years, these plants have made their way at several places like walls and garden throughout the palace. Don’t forget to visit the Vuong Palace during your Ha Giang tour.

ha giang tour

Pho Bang
It is a peaceful town situated at the terrain o Karst plateau. Though small, the town is quite attractive having fields throughout most of the terrain, it is a quiet and peaceful place and despite having a diverse ethnic population, they live in harmony and share respect for each other. The town was once the capital of the Dong Van district. Today, only some ancient buildings of the glorious past of this exotic town remain. Even though the place is quite beautiful and presents a glorious combination of natural beauty, rich history and a promising future.

Dong Van
This rocky plateau is famous due to its terrain that is different to other plateaus in the region, the place is perfect for trekking and day long biking tours. Due to its height, the place boasts a tropical weather that remains as is for the most part of the year. As such, you should take your usual trekking and hiking gear while touring here. Also, if you are into biking a stuff, you can rent a bike and take a biking tour along with other equipment.

Heaven Gate Of Quang Ba
Also known as the heaven gate, it is located around 50 kms north of the Ha Giang town. The place is also the gateway to the geographical park of Dong Van. Just behind the gate, there was once the kingdom of Hmong with four districts namely Yen Minh, Dong Van, Meo Vac and Quan Ba. During the French occupation, they had built a 150 centimeter wooden door in the place to keep it protected from invades. Though the door is no longer there, its remains can still be seen in the area. Visit this place and see the mountains meet the reaches of skies when the sun rises. You will not find a more beautiful scene in the entire region.

Khau Vai Love Market
So, if you haven’t been to a love market before, here is your chance to make history. The Khau Vai love market is every bit as extra ordinary as anything you’ve ever seen in life. At its core, it is a festival, a meeting place for lovers who for some reason, were forbidden to marry each other. The legend has it that there was a conflict between two tribes and two lovers belonging to each tribe was the reason behind this festival. Since the lovers couldn’t meet, the clash turned into a violent conflict soon after and turned into a bloodbath. The couple decided to end the conflict and went their own ways with broken hearts. To this day, the festival celebrates their great sacrifice and is a magnificent place to be for visitors.

So, after a grand teaser for your upcoming Ha Giang tour, you should be all set for your memorable Vietnam visit.

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