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Cat Ba Travel Guide

A Trip To Cat Ba Island
A lot of tourists travel Vietnam during summers. But, few can see the mysterious beauty of Vietnam during winters. Mostly, this makes Vietnam a popular tourist attraction throughout the year. If you want Vietnam travel, you can virtually do so at any time of the year without worrying about blocked roadways or fewer flights. When touring Vietnam, Cat Ba, the largest island in Halong Bay region is the place to be.

The island is so beautiful that you wouldn’t believe the stories associated with its beauty until you see it yourself. Seeing is believing so pack your bags, look through different Cat Ba tour packages, arrange a Vietnam visa and off you go. Here is more on Cat Ba Travel guide:

Cat Ba travel guide

History Of Cat Ba, Halong Bay
The Vietnam War was the turning point in the history of Vietnam. For over ten years, Vietnam suffered one of the most gruesome wars in recent history. However, it was the post-war era when Vietnamese government and people realized the importance of development. Since then, we’ve seen rapid reforms in education, economy, and tourism. Today, Vietnam is perhaps the most favorite tourist destination in Indochina region. Though even before thewar, the country was anything but an economic powerhouse, the war was a nightmare the Vietnamese nation. During the war days, Cat Ba was used as a hideout for government leaders and high-ranking officials. The place also had a secret hospital that was bomb proof. It was also used as a shelter and refuge.

Tourists can see the hospital building even today. The hospital cave is not visible from a distance and is a pretty secret place. To see the hospital, you’ll have to go on a motorbike. The cave in which the hospital is located is pretty well camouflaged so pointing the particular destination can be tricky for newcomers. Luckily, the local administration has provided a guide who shows the place around to tourists. The cave itself is quite big and looks historic. You’ll also find interesting bits of information on the cave, why was it chosen as a location for the hospital, etc.

Reaching Cat Ba Island
You can reach Cat Ba by land and by sea. Most tourists take the road route to the island. If you are coming by bus, the ride will not take more than three hours. If you find the road travel boring, there is a ferry voyage arranged for such tourists. Make sure to wake early to catch the first ferry of the day. Though the last ferry will leave the island at around 3.00PM, the sooner you reach, the better you can enjoy the place.

Route 1: From Hanoi, take the bus to Hai Phong then take the ferry to Cat Ba island
Route 2: From Hanoi, take the bus to Tuan Chau island of Halong then take ferry to Cat Ba island

Han La Bay Cruise
If you are to cruise through the Halong Bay region, making Cat Ba as your starting point is perhaps the best bet. Catch any cruise from Cat Ba and it will let you explore the real beauty of Cat Ba and other places during the journey. You’ll also visit the Han La Bay and other remote regions in the island. The majestic beauty and pleasant weather are just some of the highlights of your Cat Ba ferry journey. Your cruise trip is a fully loaded entertainment program. It has everything including entertainment programs, tasty local and foreign cuisines, and a calm sea, the sight of which you may remember for a long time.

Cat Ba National Park
If hiking is your love, you must visit the exquisite and one of a kind Cat Ba National Park. Discover the jungle and let your guide bring you a unique hiking trip of your life. The mountain rain and Frog Lake Valley are near perfect places to explore during hiking tour. Tired of rock climbing and hiking? Watch birdscoming home after having a busy day. Also, you can give other animals a glimpse during your stay. Animals like cars, snakes, wild cats, squirrels, spotted deer and butterflies. You would be very lucky to catch a glimpse of Cat Ba langur, a very rare breed indeed.

Rock Climbing
By the time you reach Cat Ba, you already know that is among the most exotic locations in Halong Bay region. The 3000 limestone islands are perhaps the pinnacle of the isle. These limestone islands vary in size. Some of them reaching several kilometers in the area while others are much smaller. The central feature of these islands are the limestone rocks and mountains. Upon exploring the region, you’ll realize that these islands are perfect for rock climbing. In fact, rock climbing is a famous sport among tourists. Magnificent terrain with jaw-dropping beauty and a climb all the way to the top of the mountain, can you ask for anything more?

Don’t worry if you reached the Cat Ba Island on a cruiser, as sailing is an entirely different experience. Upon landing into the sailing boat, you’ll experience a pleasant feeling. The beauty of this terrain will grab your imagination. While sailing through the islands, you’ll witness the most remote parts of Halong Bay and Cat Ba region. Take a look at the deck, put a table and chair and enjoy a drink or two. Passing through the emerald waters of Cat Ba is in itself a memorable experience. If you encountered a flock of dolphins, take many snaps and videos as it is a rare event. Apart from dolphins, you’ll also witness huge caves and canals and streams passing through mountainous channels during your tour.

All in all, you’ll never forget your decision of buying Cat Ba tour packages. Just make sure to consult the Cat Ba travel guide before going to the Vietnam trip.


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