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Updating entrance fee to visit to Vietnam 2020

For self-sufficient travelers to Vietnam or even package tour buyers, it is advisable to find out destinations and update fare information of attractions in Vietnam. lists the famous attractions in tourist destinations that travelers should not miss.

1. Hạ Long

One of the must-see sights in Vietnam, Ha Long always brings interesting experiences for visitors.

Day trip (from 06:30 to 18:30).

- Route 1: (Thiên Cung, Đầu Gỗ, Hòn Chó Đá, Hang Ba Hang, Hòn Đỉnh Hương, Hòn Trống Mái): 250.000 VNĐ/pax.

- Route 2: Soi sim, Ti Tốp,  Sửng Sốt Cave, Mê Cung Groto, Bồ Nâu Cave, hang Luồn Cave, Trống Cave, Trinh Nữ Cave, Động Tiên): 250.000VNĐ/pax.

-  Route 3: Floating Cultural Center Cua Van, Tien Ong Cave, Ba Ham, Ba Men Temple, Ang Du: 200.000VNĐ/pax.

-  Route 4: Co Cave, Thay, Cong Do, Caves La, Vong Vieng, Tung Ang - Cong Do ecological areas, Hon Xep park:  250.000VNĐ/pax.

- Route 5: Harbor - Gia Luận Port (Cát Bà - Hải Phòng): 250.000VNĐ/pax.

2. Sapa

Where visitors can enjoy 4 seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter in one day, Sapa becomes a favorite tourist destination not only for domestic tourists but also for international tourists.

- Lao Chải -Tả Van - Bãi Đá Cổ: 75.000vnd/pax.

- Silver Waterfall: 20.000vnd/pax.

-Tinh Yen Waterfall: 75.000vnd/pax.

- Ô Quý Hồ: 80.000vnd/pax.

- Fansipan cable car: 750.000đ/pax

- Mường Hoa train: 100.000đ/pax

- FSP climbing train tickets: 70.000đ/pax

3. Bắc Kạn:

Bac Kan with beautiful landscapes of mountains, caves and unique culinary features, is always a destination not to be missed by tourists.

- VQG Ba Bể: 46.000VNĐ/pax.

- Boat: 500.000VNĐ/boat.

- Hua Mạ Grotto: 25.000VNĐ/ 1 pax.

4. Hà Giang

Once to Ha Giang, visitors could not help overwhelmed by the towering mountains, terraced fields created by human hands. Ha Giang has been and will be a favorite destination for those who love to explore.

 - Dinh vua Mèo: 20.000VNĐ/pax.

- Lung Cu flagpole: 25.000VNĐ/pax.

- Pao’s House: 10.000VNĐ/pax.

5. Cao Bằng

Cao Bang with famous landmarks such as Ban Gioc waterfall, Ma Phuc pass or Nguom Ngao cave has long attracted many tourists to experience.

- Bản Giốc Watterfall:  45.000VNĐ/pax.

- Nguom Ngao Cave:  30.000VNĐ/pax.

6. Ninh Bình

Ninh Binh is not only the ancient capital of Vietnam but also known for many diverse and rich tourist areas such as Trang An, Van Long, Tam Coc - Bich Dong. Besides, the rich cuisine of the ancient capital also makes visitors not to be missed when coming to Vietnam.

- Vân Long: 50.000VNĐ/pax.

- Tràng An: 250.000VNĐ/pax.

- Hoa Lu ancient capital/ Đinh Lê Temple:  20.000VNĐ/pax.

- Cúc Phương: 40.000VNĐ/pax.

- Tam Cốc: 120.000VNĐ/pax.

- Tam Cốc Boat: 150.000VNĐ/boat (maxium 2 pax).

- Kenh Ga: 100.000 VNĐ/pax.

- Thung Nham: 100.000VNĐ/pax.

7. Hà Nội

Hanoi Old Quarter is not only attractive to tourists with taciturn beauty over time but also by a long history of thousands of years of civilization.

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long: 30.000VNĐ/pax.

- Temple of Literature: 30.000VNĐ/pax.

- Quán Thánh Temple: 10.000VNĐ/pax.

- Ngọc Sơn Temple: 30.000 VNĐ/pax.

- Hoa Lo Prision: 30.000VNĐ/pax.

- Ho Chi Minh Museum: 40.000VNĐ/pax.

- Arts museum: 20.000VNĐ/pax.

- Museum of Ethnography: 40.000VNĐ/pax

.- VN Museum of Military History: 30.000VNĐ/pax. 

- Vietnam History Museum: 20.000VNĐ/pax.

- Thăng Long water puppet: 60.000 - 100.000VNĐ /pax.

8. Quảng Bình

Quang Binh is a narrow strip of land in central Vietnam. This place is endowed with a blessed beauty from mountains, forests, rivers and streams to the clear blue beaches on the white sand.

Ticket price to visit Chay River and Dark Cave:

+ Package fares  (mud bath in dark cave, zipline swing, kayak, games on Chay River…):  450.000VNĐ.

+ Ticket prices for bath, games, zipline swings:

(not including ticket of mud bath on Chay River):  270.000VNĐ.

- Phong Nha Cave: 150.000VNĐ/pax.

- Thiên Đường Cave:  250.000VNĐ/pax.

- Tiên Sơn Cave: 80.000VNĐ/pax.

- Nuoc Mooc Spring: 80.000VNĐ/pax.

- Phong Nha boat: 360.000VNĐ/boat and  400.000VNĐ/boat for 2 Cave. Maximum 12 passenger.

9. Quảng Trị

- Quang Tri Citadel: 350.000VNĐ/group.

- Truong Son National Martyrs Cemetery: 200.000VNĐ/group.

- Lao Bao prison: 20.000VNĐ/pax.

- Vinh Moc tunnel:  40.000VNĐ/pax.

10. Huế

It was once the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty, so Hue is considered as one of the cities with the longest history and culture in our country. Culture, monuments, and residence has "attracted" many tourists to Hue. Not only that, Hue also attracts visitors with poetic natural paintings and peaceful local people.

 - Hue Imperial Palace (Grand Citadel - Hue Museum of Royal Antiquities): 150.000VNĐ/pax.

-  Minh Mang Tomb/ Tự Đức/ Khải Định: 100.000VNĐ/pax.

-  Gia Long Tomb/ Thiệu Trị/ Đồng Khánh/ Hon Chen Palace: 40.000VNĐ/pax.

-  An Định Palace/ Nam Giao Herd: 20.000VNĐ/pax.

- Hoàng Cung Huế: 60.000VNĐ/way

- Lăng Tự Đức/ Khải Định/ Minh Mạng: 50.000VNĐ/way.

Combined ticket price according to the tour:

- Route 03 point (Hue Imperial Palace - Minh Mạng - Khải Định): 280.000VNĐ/pax.

- Route 04 point (Hue Imperial Palace-Minh Mạng - Tự Đức - Khải Định): 360.000VNĐ/pax.

11. Đà Nẵng

Danang is a dynamic young city on the beautiful coast in the Central region. Coming to Da Nang, visitors will have the opportunity to visit famous landscapes such as Ba Na Mountain, Ngu Hanh Son, Hai Van Pass, Son Tra Peninsula ... and can swim freely at the beach. beautiful, fine white sand stretching for tens of kilometers.

- Bà Nà Hills:

+ Cable carb ticket: 750.000VNĐ. 

+ Buffet price: 225.000VNĐ (Club/Arapang/Le Jardin Restaurant).

- Marble Mountains:

+ Ticket: 40.000VNĐ. 

+ Âm Phủ Cave: 40.000VNĐ. 

- Da nang museum:  20.000VNĐ/ticket

12. Hội An

Hoi An Ancient Town - a famous city of Quang Nam province, remains almost intact with more than 1,000 ancient architectural relics from streets, houses, pagodas, temples, shrines, ancient wells, ... to customs. shops, typical cuisine and the soul of the people here.

- Hoi An Ancient Town: 120.000VNĐ/pax.

- My Son Sanctuary: 150.000VNĐ/pax.

- Chăm Museum: 60.000VNĐ/ticket.

- Thanh Ha Pottery Village: 25.000VNĐ/pax.

- Tra Que Vegetable Village:10.000VNĐ.

- Coconut Forest: 30.000VNĐ.

13. Sài Gòn

Saigon - attracting tourists by the youthful dynamism of a most modern city in Vietnam.


- Independence Palace: 40.000 VNĐ/ pax.

- War Museum: 15.000 VNĐ/pax.

- Hồ Chí Minh Museum: 25.000VNĐ/ pax. 

- Củ Chi Tunnel: 110.000 VNĐ/ pax.

14. Cần Thơ

Can Tho - the central city of the West, with Cai Rang floating market - a special fair bringing the cultural beauty of an entire land and rich gardens.

 - Bình Thủy Ancient house: 15.000VNĐ/pax.

- Thơ Museum: 10.000VNĐ/pax.

-  Cái Răng floating market boat:  350.000VNĐ – 400.000VNĐ/boat.

- Cái Răng floating market: free. provides a tour package including tickets for attractions and visas to Vietnam.


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