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8 good reasons to travel to Vietnam After Covid-19 is over

Vietnam is a long country with more than 2000km of the coastline, divided in different regions with cultural diversity. Vietnam remains in the eyes of foreigners as a particularly attractive destination thanks to the beauty of its landscapes, its authentic way of life, its traditions and its centuries-old history. We will list some good reasons to travel to Vietnam, especially after Covid-19 is over.


1. A safe destination
One of the main reasons for travelers to choose is a safe destination. Vietnam is always listed like a safest place in the world to travel. According to Business Insider, Vietnam is on the top of the safest and most welcoming countries in Southeast Asia. This is not the first time that online media has rewarded this destination. Since  2015, Vietnam was among the 50 safest countries in the world. So, how long you stay in Vietnam, the places you visit, whether you are alone or with others, you are always safe in Vietnam.

Moreover, if the Corona virus pandemic continues to cause heavy impacts on the whole world, Vietnam has achieved considerable results in the fight against the spread of the virus.

Until June 18, Vietnam has reported no new cases of corona virus for the 62th consecutive day. As a reminder, the country has not reported any death so far, 97% of infected cases have been fully recovered. So that’s why Vietnam is on the top list for traveling after Covid 19 is over.

2. Abundant tourist heritages
It is not surprising to find Vietnam regularly in the top rankings on the most popular destinations in the world. We can list a lot of places that you can visit in Vietnam.
Let's start with the capital Hanoi, known worldwide as a peaceful, welcoming and inexpensive destination. Halong Bay is a World Natural Heritage site. Son Doong, which is the largest cave in the world.

Magnificent beaches in Vietnam are many from north to south while the splendid rice terraces are in the North. It can be said that that the whole Vietnam is beautiful and a lot to discover.

Listen to "Hello Vietnam song", you can also find so many reasons to go to Vietnam.

3. A rich history
Vietnamese history and culture has its roots over 4000 years ago. Vietnam is still lucky to have many treasures and vestiges. We can especially talk about the large number of ancient works, popular legends, as well as traditional festivals. All enriched and multiplied by the large ethnic mosaic (54 ethnic groups co-exist in Vietnam) of the country. In addition, there are many religious monuments with ancient temples, pagodas, and royal tombs and so many other historical and cultural buildings in Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, etc. In recent years, tourists have come to visit Vietnam not only to discover its beautiful landscapes, but also to better understand the history of the Vietnamese people.

4. Abundant and varied gastronomy
Vietnamese gastronomy is really loved by all tourists thanks to delicious dishes like Pho, Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich), Bun Cha, Bun Bo Hue, Nem Ran. These are all culinary delights not to be missed during a trip to Vietnam.

Street food is delicious and tried by tourists with great curiosity. It’s also a great way to see people's everyday life. It is not as spicy as its Thai neighbor, not as rich as the Chinese and certainly not as carefully presented as the European. But the Vietnamese dishes are fresh, tasty and healthy.

5. Coffee Land
Vietnam is certainly not the birthplace of coffee, but it is still the second largest producer in the world. There are interesting ways to drink coffee in Vietnam. Tourists can see Vietnamese drinking "Hot Black Coffee", "Black Coffee with Milk or Ice", "Coffee with Egg, or Egg Coffee", etc.

Vietnamese coffee is so good that many tourists buy home as souvenirs or to drink whenever they miss Vietnam. Of course, they will miss Vietnam everyday.

6. Fresh ingredients
One of the nice surprises tourists have when they visit Vietnam is the fresh food stalls in the markets. When you go around a local market, you are quickly impressed by the fish and shrimps jumping in the water of the basins. Tropical fruits and vegetables sold in abundance are just fresh and will seduce food lovers around the world. If you are fan of food or like cooking, you will feel crazy in Vietnam.

7. A welcoming and friendly population
A lot of foreigners agree that the Vietnamese population is particularly welcoming and friendly. When you come to Vietnam, anywhere on the streets, people are ready to help you, either to tell you the best route to get to a certain place, or to find you a bus if necessary. If you travel in the mountainous areas, don't be surprised if you are invited to attend a wedding party, drink ricewine and take photos together.

8. Very affordable tourism
Much cheaper than many other Southeast Asian destinations, Vietnam has all to offer you a great holiday. This country is positioned in the top of the cheapest and most pleasant destinations in the world. According to Happy Lifestyle Journal, traveler can enjoy luxury stay in a 5-star Vietnamese hotel with 3 star price if compared to New York. Visiting Vietnam is a perfect choice for a dream trip without breaking the bank. TripAdvisor has also classified Hanoi as the cheapest city in the world for tourists this year.

So, with so 8 good reasons, what are you waiting for? Just plan your trip to Vietnam as soon as Covid-19 is over.

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