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Famous food streets in Hanoi

Coming to a country with customs, strange images, visitors will be eager to explore famous landmarks, impressive architectural works or study the history and people of there. However, to better understand the people of that place, do not forget to experience the unique and famous culinary features. Coming to Hanoi, the capital of a thousand years of civilization, let's join to explore the famous culinary streets that hold the footsteps of the tourists from far away.

1. Tạ Hiện Street

Considered as the only western quarter of the capital, Ta Hien has a seductive beauty not only for the people of the capital but also with foreign tourists. From shops selling porridge, pho, frank noodles or crowded beer stalls to street vendors selling tea, donuts, dumplings, ...; all create a bustling and noisy living scene of a small town at night. Since 1945, the neighborhood was changed to Ta Hien city, named after a leader of the Can Vuong movement in Thai Binh - Ta Quang Hien province. The French-style architectural style has created a romantic, serene but extremely noble beauty for this street over a hundred meters long. In addition to the famous delicious beer that creates the brand of the beer street in the heart of Hanoi, Ta Hien also offers visitors other irresistible delicacies such as fried spring rolls, Spicy Pickled Chicken Feet, fried potatoes, ...

2. Cau Go Seafood Street

Open goods from 5 pm and sell until late at night, nearly a dozen seafood restaurants are always filled with customers. From regal dishes like lobster, abalone, geoduck to popular dishes like snails, clams ... are always ready to serve customers. Most of the shops have similar stock sources, but each has its own secret to making a delicious sauce with its own characteristics.

3. To Tich Mixed Fruit Street

From the beginning of the street to the end of the street, there are about a dozen fruit shops that are close together. To Tich pickled fruit cups include jackfruit, mango, pear, apple, watermelon, longan, dragon fruit ... chopped, add condensed milk and coconut milk, mix well with ice blended to create a cool, sweet taste. The bar is easy to eat.

4. Gam Cau Grill Street

At the foot of the bridge, for a long time, Gam Cau street has been a familiar address for those who have been "addicted" to drinking dishes. Despite its reputation as a grilled street, Gam Cau also serves a variety of dishes: stewed, stomach, bacon ... are seasoned attractively, grilled to have all kinds of spicy, salty and sweet flavors.

Every 5, 6 pm, the barbecue shops on this street start to have customers, but the peak time here is around 8 pm. Especially on cold winter evenings or busy Tet holidays, many people hang around the old town and then come here to gather, making Gam Cau street more crowded than ever.

5. Phung Hung Hotpot Street

As the first street in Hanoi specializing in hot pot business, especially open to night, Phung Hung becomes a "meeting place" for diners who love this hot dish.

6. Hoe Nhai steak street

In the olden days, Hoe Nhai street has only 2 steak shops, but now, the whole small street has become a "steak town" with the most crowded steak shops in Hanoi.

If you come here for the first time, you will probably be dizzy at the close steaks and wonder which one to choose. A steak at Hoe Nhai is basically the same with beef, pate, omelet, pork balls, onions, tomatoes ... just the taste is slightly different. Although the quality is not too excellent, the price is affordable, the staff is quick, so most of the shops are bustling every night.

7. Rolled Pho Street

Rolled Pho is the dish that is added to the "specialty" of Ha Thanh land. Rolled noodle soup using a large plate of noodle soup roll the ingredients together and dot with sweet and sour sauce. For the people of Hanoi, referring to rolled Pho is to mention Ngu Xa - a small street along Truc Bach lake, the birthplace of this special dish.

8. West Lake Snail Street

Walking around West Lake, you will easily find snail shops, seafood close to the rows of plastic tables and chairs lined up on the sidewalk. Snail street starts from 3pm and bustles until 12pm. Not the best place in the "snail map" of Ha Thanh, but many people still prefer the West Lake snail because of its rich and fresh types.

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