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Amazing holiday destination for Vietnam tour 2023

Travelling on a budget can be a pain. Shocking really, you'd expect it'd be a simple enough task to pick out a holiday destination that best suits your pocket, while maintaining that "getaway" feel to it.

Thankfully, on Vivutravel, we've curated a long list of ideal Vietnam holiday destination that not only take your wallet into consideration, but will also take you on a journey of sights and wonders that will leave you aching for a return journey when it's all over.

To be honest, there's a lot of places to visit in Vietnam, a lot of sights and wonders smattered across varying regions and cities. However, we'll make the selection process easier for you here, with a list of ten ideal holiday destinations that you will most certainly enjoy of you're up for it.

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vietnam tour 2023

●    HOI AN

If your idea of a relaxing holiday involves a break from the hustle and bustle of main cities, then this traditional city is the place to be.

Hoi An is an intriguing travel destination chock full with sights and wonders to explore while still maintaining its rustic charm. With a culinary scene rated as one of the best in Southeast Asia, a city well known for its cheap tailors who are able to prepare clothes in no time, and architecture that sees features a mash of European, Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese influence, Hoi An is one of those travel destinations that feeds the senses.

Rich in street side cafes, pagodas, historical homes as well as other great attractions to experience, the Vivutravel Hoi An tour package has you covered, in case you find yourself itching for a low budget retreat into one of the most vibrant locations in Vietnam.

●    TRA SU

Tra Su Cajuput Forest is located about ten kilometers from the Cambodian border, and about twenty kilometers from Chau Doc Town in the Van Giao Commune of An Giang Province which belongs to the region of Southern Vietnam.

It is a specialized forest, covering an area of around fifteen hundred hectares and is a green paradise ideal for scientific and ecological tours.

Tra Su is home to the Kh’mer and Kinh tribe who are known for their traditional handicrafts such as silk weaving, brocade weaving, bee farming, distilling of Cajuput essential oils of, processing their famous "Thot Not" sugar and much more.

Being blessed with a number of rivers and streams, there are a number of aquatic based delicacies which tourists can have on the return trip at local restaurants, such as vegetable, hot pot with marinated fish, chili and vegetables and the famous grilled snakehead fish.

Being a rich habitat for different types of water birds, reptiles, and many endangered species. Tra Su is that one Vivutravel getaway location where you can be privy to the sight of a variety of species of birds, reptiles, fishes, amphibians, and the likes.

Tra Su Cajuput Forest is the ideal destination for a Vietnam tour. A place for peace and tranquility. A much sought after concept in the busy, fast paced world of today.

●    LY SON

The Island of Ly Son is famous for its onion and garlic production. Amazing, given that these are usually grown in river delta areas.

Up till the mid-70s the production was small scale with each family growing for personal use. However once they were tasted on the mainland the distinct flavor of their produce worked its magic and soon the demand for the onions and garlic across a wide region, even nationally.

Cultivation on Ly SON isn’t easy as it is the sand mixed into the soil that has made the difference but the sand has to be transported first. The crops are planted around September, watered regularly often twice a day and then picked six months later.

The island is a small one, with just ten square kilometers of space and two small, offshore volcanic islands. Fishing is the other main activity while tourism is just starting to develop.

There are plenty of temples and pagodas and any view from atop its mountains is simply stunning.

The major attraction however are the beaches and the lack of other people though the Vivutravel Vietnam private tours will include the island on request because it does not involve much of a detour on a holiday in Vietnam covering all the country.

The Tan Temple in the An Hai area, offers its own taste of exoticism, being home to the largest of over a hundred whale skeletons on the island. Whales are very important in this regions culture and religion. These skeletons are said to be over two hundred years old.

If you're looking for a travel destination for some personal "me", this is an ideal place to be.

●     HA GIANG

Ha Giang town and state of the same name is in the northernmost part of Vietnam. It is remote but that contributes to its charm.

It has a number of tourist destinations that attract eager visitors from all over, with places like the Dong Van Plateau which is one of seventy seven geological parks in the world recognised by UNESCO. It is close to the Chinese border and is a great place for trekking and climbing.

The Vuong Palace dates back to the Qing Dynasty in China. It is a bit far from Ha Giang (almost 150 km away) but if you have time to really explore the State then go to see it.

Pho Bang is minutes from the Chinese border and is a fairly cold area because it sits at over 1,000 metres. Its market is fun and sells local produce such as plums and peaches as well as medicinal plants like anise and cinnamon.

The Khau Vau Love Market is held near the mountain pass of Meo Vac either on the 26th or 27th of each lunar month. It is a place where young people go in search of a partner.

●     PHU YEN

Phu Yen is a Vietnamese beach town that is slowly becoming more popular. This area has quiet, peaceful, and even sacred air in some spots. It's an incredible place that begs to be discovered.

Phu Yên, which translates to "Rich Peace," is aptly named. It's the kind of place where timeless fables might have taken place. And in some ways, the history and myth of Vietnam are intertwined with this region.

Phu Yen's beaches have recently seen a surge in popularity, particularly among Vietnamese vacationers. However, foreign tourists have recently begun to discover the tranquil beauty and beautiful beaches of Phu Yen on their journey between Nha Trang and Hoi An. As a result, the area is on the edge of major changes; various tourist enclaves have emerged, and funding is beginning to flow in to develop its beautiful beaches. You should visit Phu Yen soon before the beaches are closed off for construction, and the secluded fishing settlements disappear, as has happened to Phu Quoc Island during the past 10 to 15 years.

Around 70% of Phu Yen Province is made up of highlands —the mountains in this region reach nearly 1,600m [5,250ft]), yet the coastline attracts most visitors. Tuy Hoa; the provincial seat of Phu Yen, is where the greatest river in Central Vietnam, the Á Rng, empties into the sea. The mountainous landscape makes the beaches here so breathtaking; the steep, rocky, and often forested slopes plunge precipitously into the sea, forming dozens of protected bays, coves, and crescents of sand that are bookended by craggy peaks.

●     BAN GIOC

The Ban Gioc Waterfall is the largest and most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam. The falls are located in Cao Bang province and easily reached by travellers based in the capital city of Hanoi on the package holidays to Vietnam. The  waterfalls are an impressive 300 meters across and 30 metres high making for a delightful sight.

The falls are found in the beautiful jade-blue tinged waters of the Quay Son River, which forms the border between Vietnam and China and surrounded by limestone pinnacles, bamboo groves as well as rice fields.

While Ban Gioc Waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam and the main highlight of the tour, there are several other attractions that are worth seeing in the Cao Bang region. While there, you could checking out the beautiful Ma Phuc mountain pass, Thang Hen Lake, rice fields along the route, and Nguom Ngao cave..


If you are a lover of nature wishing to escape the bustle of city life, then travelling to Pu Luong on the Tours of Vietnam is would be an ideal holiday destination for you.

With imposing mountain ranges, intact rivers and waterfalls, rustic villages, and immense valleys of beautiful terraced rice fields. Plus, a tour of a less-visited place like Pu Luong makes it possible to get off-the-beaten-path and appreciate the remote life as well as the taste of the local cuisine.

The Pu Luong region gives the perfect opportunity to get to know the classic Vietnam with its remote region and friendly and kind-hearted local ethnic-minority.

A trip to the Pu Luong Nature Reserve on the Vietnam holiday is a popular tour destination for travellers based in Hanoi, who are looking to escape the city life for the peaceful limestone landscape in the countryside cultural uniqueness and outstanding beauty. A trekking tour gives the opportunity to explore the rice paddy fields and lush forests. On the flip side, it is possible to cycle through the reserve and stop at several of the small and beautiful villages and appreciate the stunning terrace fields in Kia, Kho Muong, and Hang villages.

Pu Luong is one of the best places for the off-the-beaten-path adventure that is relatively close to Hanoi and makes it possible to see the more authentic side of Vietnam.


Ninh Binh province is around a hundred Kilometers away from Hanoi city which stretches from Cuc Phuong National Park in the west to a sliver of land facing out to the Gulf of Tonkin. The province is filled with half of lime-stone Mountain and half of plain area, forming a beautiful landscape of fascinating grottos, striking limestone outcrop and lush rice fields.

Tourists can reach these sites easily by motorbike and bicycle. That's why Ninh Binh is always a great option for those who love biking or motorbike riding, as the small paths take you through green paddy fields, garden, mountains, river and lakes.

The landscape in Ninh Binh province is just different to Halong bay in one element that is limestone islands emerging from the sea surface in Halong Bay while they jutting out from the river and land in Ninh Binh. Besides natural values, Ninh Binh is also well-known for its ancient history as the first imperial capital in Vietnam from 968 to 1010 under the regime of the Dinh, Le and Ly dynasties.


Quảng Bình on Vietnam's north-central coast has a border with Laos in the west with the South China Sea/North Pacific its eastern boundary. At its narrowest the province is just 40 km wide. Fairly mountainous, the highest peak is over 2,000 metres with some 85% being hills and mountains.

The caves hold many records including the longest underground river. Currently the most popular are Phong Nha, Tien Son, Thiên Đường (also known as "Paradise Cave") and Hang Én though they would all give way to Son Doong but there is currently a strict limit on numbers allowed to visit with no sign that the restriction will be lifted.

Quang Binh has several stunning white sand beaches, beaches like: Nhat Le, Da Nhay and Ly Hoa notably.

Bang Spa is a hot spring region in Lệ Thủy District. Water shooting out of the jet hole has been recorded to hit an impressive 105°C There are health care facilities to enjoy.

●    HANOI

Few people at the height of the Vietnam War would ever have dreamt that less than half a century later Hanoi would be regularly appearing in the top ten tourist destinations in the world. It is a well-deserved accolade because it is a city that offers so much.

When the Vietnam War finished in 1976, Hanoi became the capital of unified Vietnam and has remained that way till today. A travel company in Hanoi is ideally placed to help you see the best of the City.One of the main experiences that Hanoi offers doesn’t involve its famous landmarks, museums or temples. It is simply feeling and observing the environment, watching local traders or eating food from street vendors.

The cuisine of the town is a real pleasure as there is something for everyone and there is plenty to enjoy whether you're a fan of street food or prefer more refined eating conditions as there are many restaurants to choose from in the City.

Amazingly enough, the city of Hanoi, also serves as the headquarters of our agency, so you can rest assured that should you decide to take that holiday trip to Hanoi, Vivutravel will have you covered down to the Tee.

And that folks is the end of our list. Vietnam is an amazing country with a lot of pleasant holiday/getaway locations. There's honestly a lot to see, and as such this list is nowhere near exhaustive of the pleasant sights the country has to offer.

If you want more Vietnam holiday recommendations, be sure to check out our website for more recommendations.

Have a good one!

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