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Vietnam Customs Regulations

Vietnam has been experiencing a significant surge in tourism activities ever since it has become a unified state, after the end of the long freedom struggle. People from all over the world are considering Vietnam as a favorable tourism and vacation destination for various reasons. Cheap, yet, luxurious is what made Vietnam a famous tourist destination in recent times. Like any other countries, Vietnam also has its customs regulations, to check the inflow of goods brought by tourists as accompanied and unaccompanied luggage. However, in a broader sense, Vietnam Customs Regulations are much more and favorable for people coming from any corner of the world.

People traveling to any foreign country will always worry about the customs regulations.  Many people won't be knowing what are the goods one cannot take along to the destination country, the amount of foreign and local currency one can hold or the goods and money one can take back home, etc.  For a healthy tourism policy, countries should have flexible customs policies, and Vietnam's customs policy regulations are simpler than before, making Vietnam travel an easy deal.

Since the customs regulations vary depending on the country, it would be better to have some basic understanding on the necessary documentation and what are the items a tourist can bring to Vietnam and also take out from Vietnam. Let us check the policies and regulations of Vietnam Customs Regulations and how it applies to a Vietnam tourist.

Vietnam Customs Regulations

Favorable policies
The Vietnam customs regulation focus much on easing up Vietnam holiday travel requirements.  The visa process is much easier and can do online and offers visa on arrival schemes for every eligible applicant. Upon receipt of online visa permission, you can fly to any of the international airports in Vietnam and get your visa stamped at the airport against paying a nominal fee. The fee for stay varies depends on the number of days you want to stay in Vietnam. You can find many tour operators offering online visa services, and also customs related services.

Goods and products allowed through Customs within the country:
Anyone who is on a Vietnam family tour, honeymoon, or visiting Vietnam under tourist purposes, can bring in the below-mentioned products and the quantity as mentioned. Anything above the limit shall have to pay import taxes as per Vietnam Customs rule.

•    Cigars: 100 in numbers
•    Cigarettes: 400 in numbers
•    Liquor: 1.5 liters
•    Tobacco: 100 gram
•    Jewelry and perfume for personal usage
•    Gift items and souvenirs that are valued not more than three hundred US Dollars.

Any Vietnam tourists can carry the quantity as mentioned above while traveling to Vietnam as duty-free, and no import taxes apply to the same.

No restriction provided with a self-declaration:

Vietnam allows tourist to bring an unlimited amount of gold, currency, precious stones and other metal items. For example, a traveler on the Vietnam family tour can carry sufficient amount currencies in hand, as their spending capability is higher when compared to other fellow tourists visiting the country. This policy is favorable on a tourist point of view, as they can travel confidently to the country, spend their money as they need, and with no restrictions or paying taxes.

However, a traveler must make a customs declaration at the counter, if he/she is carrying an excessive amount of currencies or other precious ornaments. You can file the customs declaration through your Vietnam travel agent, who will assist you in filling up the forms and do other documentation if necessary. Tour operators play a significant role with material and document declaration, and they do provide quality service at an affordable price rate.

One must declare about their belongings if at all they are bringing in products that exceed the below-mentioned quantity:

•    Foreign currencies more than USD5, 000.
•    Gold that is more than 300 grams.
•    Jewelry and gold that are bought inside the country and not for personal use.
•    CDs, Videotapes and other tapes are kept under screening and shall be handed over after checking with the content that is present inside them.

Banned products:
The Vietnam government has banned tourists from carrying hazardous materials, considering safety and protection of nationals as well as tourists. Nobody can bring any of the following items to Vietnam and if any individual or Vietnam tourists, violates the rule shall face harsh interrogation and even get reprimanded by the customs duty officers.

•    Ammunition, weapon, flammable objects and explosives
•    Drugs, narcotics, opium and other military technical equipment
•    Pornographic, anti-government literature, etc.
•    Certain types of precious plants, wild animals, stones and rare antiques.

Traveling to any country required passport and visa. Since Vietnam is an independent sovereign country, any person willing to travel should have an entry permit.  However, nationals from Japan, Korea, Chile, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Denmark, and France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK, Norway, Finland, and citizens of ASEAN countries do not require visa to travel to Vietnam, and they can stay in Vietnam 15-30 days as per the bilateral visa exemption agreement between the countries.

Tourists from Phu Quoc Island can also enter and stay in Vietnam for more than 30 days without a visa.  Besides, travelers holding APEC Business Travel Card can also enter and remain in Vietnam for more than 60 days.

Prohibited items:
Apart from the above-referred rules and regulations, Vietnam does not allow a traveler to carry out rare antiques, wild animals, rare and precious plants, precious stones listed in the export banned items.  In the event, if you want to take any of these items, it would be better to get clarified and seek the approval rather than smuggling.
All visitors to Vietnam required to fill up an arrival-departure form and customs declaration.  But the as per the latest rules exempt travelers in providing such declarations at the entry points.

Vietnam vacation travel has been made comfy after increasing the duty-free quantity, which are sufficient enough for any individual to enjoy their stay and travel around the country for a limited period. By traveling and carrying materials under duty-free norms, travelers from any part of the world can visit the country without needing to fill in customs forms during their arrival and departure from Vietnam. 

The above referred are some brief information on the Vietnam Customs Regulations and may change without any prior notice. Therefore, it would be better to check for the latest Vietnam Customs regulations or get in touch with your tour operator to have the customs updates.

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