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Three Effective Ways to Get a Cheap Vietnam Visa

When it comes to getting Vietnam visa, there are different options opened to folks from a different region. While always, changes are hitting technology, it's a good idea to review the available methods, pick the best ones and then, leaving travelers to make the best use of the choice they have in their hands to make informed decisions.

Regardless of where you are coming from, you can't do without getting a Vietnam visa first; else you are right as someone still thinking either they go for a vacation or not. No! That's not going to be for you. To make your dream about the adventures, fun and beautiful moments you have to enjoy at Vietnam to come reality, you have to first think about the access- Vietnam Visa! And we all know, it must be the cheap one first, or we'll have a marred trip.

Truthfully, the fastest, cheapest and the most natural means to get a Vietnam Visa is via visa on Arrival, there are still other alternatives you can choose from most especially if you are concern about the genuiness of the third party you'd need to use. Taking that into consideration is a good move.

Therefore, let's start by first analyzing the first one, Vietnam Visa on Arrival, after that, we will explain the other two.

cheap visa to vietnam

Three Cheapest Ways to Acquire Vietnam Visa

1. Vietnam Visa On Arrival. Want a cheap Vietnam visa, this is the best and viable mode to choose. This mode, Vietnam visa on Arrival is honored and craved after by travelers due to its fast processing of documents, low cost of using this service.

Although this option demands that you make use of a third-party operator or Vietnam tour agent in making your processing smooth and cheap.

The processes demand that you visit a trusted agent, in fact, before attending a website, it's excellent you hear reviews from folks, aside from that, you can use the Internet to your advantage, how? There are traits that a responsible Vietnam Visa agency must possess. Thus, after ensuring that the agent you desire to use meets that requirement then, you can demand their service by filling an application form on their website.

After filling the form with the appropriate information, then you sit back at home and await your letter to be sent to you via Email in a matter of 2-3 working hours. This letter will get to you in a PDF format to enable you to make a printout. However, before you are sent, you would have made payments for the agreeable fee.

After making printing out and it's time to take off, you will take the application letter alongside you to the departure airport to get on board. This application letter upon arrival at any of the international's airport in Vietnam, will be stamped accordingly.

Payments are only made twice, with the online agency you used, at the arriving airport for the stamp. Therefore, this method reduces the cost of traveling and going with several documents, spending days before you finally get your passport.

cheap vietnam visa on arrival

2. Electronic-Visa/ E-Visa. Another means of acquiring a cheap visa to Vietnam is the E-Visa. Why is this gaining our mention? It was recently introduced February 2017 by the Vietnamese government.

The apparent idea behind the introduction is to ensure that Vietnam visa passport is acquired in a less stressful manner, security, and most importantly cost-effectiveness. This idea is useful as many countries are building a more dedicated visa system for their visitors and since the number of travelers are increasing now and then, it makes sense to introduce this. But how does it works?

As a traveler, you will be demanded to complete an online application, upon filling, you will submit it alongside relevant documents, with the respective fees included. The only recommended and approved means is going through the Vietnam Government website. You can make that work there.

Unfortunately, the issued e-Visa will only cover 30 days at maximum for a single trip. Not a good one, right? So, if you are planning on visiting several destinations which will make you spend more than 30 days, Vietnam Visa on arrival is more practical and flexible.

Nonetheless, travelers that choose this option have the advantage of selecting many options to arrive into the country. It includes seven seaports, eight international airports, more than ten international land-border gates. Moreover, travelers who are citizens of  46 states can get this E-Visa.

vietnam e visa

3. Vietnamese Embassy. This option, being the last to be mentioned in this article is also a practical way to get a cheap Vietnam visa. In sharp contrast to the two mentioned above, Visa on arrival and E-Visa, this is of significant advantage to those who live close to the embassy and may not mean well for those living very distant to the location of the embassy.

The operation mode requires you to travel from your house, then to the embassy to fill out necessary documents, submit relevant documents, and after that you will have to go back home and then wait for probably 2-3 working days before you will be called upon to come and have the fully and duly stamped passport.

If you are living so far from the embassy, you will, therefore, understand hw much it will cost you. There is also the risk of traveling if actually, you live in a country where there is a high rate of accident.

Using the Vietnamese embassy is a little bit time-consuming and would undoubtedly cost you more than the two mentioned. But many travelers choosing this option have the advantage of getting full visa stamp in your passport before traveling to Vietnam.

With these three cheap Vietnam visa options set before you, it's up to you to choose the ones that will meet your desire and need.  And again, will match with your budget. The three most vital points to consider here is cost, time and convenience.  We advise you go with the one that can guarantee you these characteristics.

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