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How Long Is Ideal to Travel in Vietnam?

If you are thinking about a holiday and travel in Vietnam is one of your alternatives, you will certainly not be disappointed if Vietnam is your final choice. The question is how long you can afford and what are the best things to fit into Vietnam packages. If your time is limited, then it is possible to get a Vietnam custom tour that lasts just a week but that would not do justice to such a lovely and interesting country.

Domestic air schedules are good within Vietnam so that you could visit Hanoi and Halong Bay up in the north before flying down to Ho Chi Minh City with perhaps a day in the Mekong Delta and do so in a week, but you would be missing so much. That is not to say you should forget Vietnam but ideally you should try to have two weeks in order to really experience the Country and its people.

How Many Days Are Enough To Tour Vietnam? A good Vietnam travel agent will advise you on the best things to do and places to visit in the time you have available with the regular starting points either Hanoi, the Capital of Vietnam up in the north or alternatively Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, in the south. Between these two iconic cities, there is Central Vietnam and the City of Danang. Danang has an international airport as well and it is also the gateway to two places that have been important parts of the history of this land. Hoi An developed as a trading port many centuries ago during the Champa Kingdom while further north, Hue was the home of the Nyugen Dynasty which ruled during the 19th Century and until the expulsion of the French halfway through the 20th. In a two week holiday, there is time to appreciate these two places as well as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and their surrounding areas.

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Hanoi & the North
Hanoi is a bustling city rich in history. The temples and museums provide an insight to the City and the Country as a whole. You will love walking in the Old Town where you can buy food from the street vendors and sit on a plastic stool or chair to eat and watch the activity. If you arrange a custom package that is certain to include all of Hanoi’s highlights as well as at least two other attractions in the North.

Halong Bay is due east of Hanoi and is among the most photographed places in the whole of Indochina. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and you will love cruising amongst the hundreds of islands. If you book an overnight tour, then sit back and enjoy a drink as the sun sets while the crew prepare your dinner. The sunset is impressive, as is the sunrise so it is worth getting up early in the morning.

North of Hanoi towards the Chinese Border is SaPa which is famous for its terraces where rice is grown. The shimmering water is retained on the terraces and rice planted. As it grows, there are different shades of green until harvest time in September when the terraces look golden.

The Old City of Hue, particularly the Imperial City on the north bank of the Perfume River is a special place. There are several temples and pavilions to see though there was damage during the struggle for independence as well as the Vietnam War. That War saw plenty of action in Central Vietnam. Restoration work is ongoing where damage was incurred, and some buildings have remained intact. On the south bank of the Perfume, there are a number of Imperial tombs and you can take a cruise on the River to get a better view.

Hoi An
Hoi An is a delightful place and famous for its lanterns. After sunset, the whole placeis lit up. You will see the influence of the Chinese is some of the old buildings while the Japanese Covered Bridge is a reminder that the Japanese also had an influence in the region. There are also many nice beaches on this coastline so if you have time, you can enjoy some relaxation during a busy schedule.

Ho Chi Minh City& the South
This City is the commercial hub of Vietnam, but it also has some great reminders of the time the French ruled Indochina. Their architecture has survived the modernisation that has taken place within the City. Ho Chi Minh City is also the gateway to the Mekong Delta, the most fertile region in Vietnam. The morning food markets illustrate the vast variety of fruit and vegetables grown locally and some of the produce is bought for food processing elsewhere in Vietnam.

Whilst in the south, you should visit the Cu Chi Tunnels which were used by the Vietcong during the Vietnam War. Many lived underground for long periods and the Tunnels were used for storage as well as moving around the region undetected. They were extremely effective against the American forces who never managed to close them down.

This has been just a flavour of what you can see and do in Vietnam. There is also the cuisine to enjoy, ethnic tribes living much as their ancestors did to meet and remote areas to explore. Vietnam remains largely rural and it is perfectly safe to hire a bicycle and explore its many villages. Its coastline is well over 3,000 kilometres and not surprising the seafood is a real treat. There is no single answer to the question of how long to travel in Vietnam. Whatever period you choose, you will get a flavour of this Country which is attracting more and more tourists each year. Once you have been once, you will certainly be tempted to return. A good Vietnam travel agency will help you put together an itinerary for a Vietnam holiday, and will be happy to do that a second and third time if you wish.

Vietnam tours

Vietnam Tours

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Vietnam Destinations

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