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How much does it cost to visit Vietnam?

Apparently going on trips to various countries sounds adventurous and fun. But taking a look into the budget might be quite a discouraging factor.

The Good News is Planning a trip to Vietnam is cost-effective, this depends on factors like where you are lodging, where you would eat, length of stay and transportation.

Vietnam is an uprising center of attraction situated in Southeast Asia, known for its wonderful scenery, awesome cultural display, and seemingly delicious dishes. You would be surprised at how low-cost it can be.

Amazingly, you can spend as little as 20$ - $40 per day as an individual and get to have as much fun as you can. But if you are looking to get comfortable, your budget would be about 60$ upwards per individual.

For premium service and immense satisfaction, it would be advisable to have your cost per day to be about 200$ per individual or even more.

Now let’s dive into the costing of your trip, as we would be walking you through a breakdown of costs on Flights, Food, Hotels, Transportation within Vietnam, Currency exchange to dollars and the availability of ATMs.


Below is the estimated cost of an individual trip to Vietnam

Checklist/Estimated Cost
Flight: $850
Transportation within Vietnam: $350
Hotel/Lodging: $600
Food & Drinks: $350
Centres of Attraction: $600
Miscellaneous: $100
Grand Total: $2850

NOTE: This is a rough estimated cost in dollars, Visit to plan your Vietnam tailor-made holiday.

●    Flight Cost:
●    Transportation within Vietnam
●    Hotel/Lodging
●    Food and Drinks
●    Let's Wrap it Up!
●    SPECIAL SPECIAL TIP !!!!!!!!!!

●    Flight Cost
If you are going on a low budget, this would be most likely the most expensive part of your trip, If you want a low-priced ticket, I would advise you book your flight before the On-Peak Seasons which might cost as low as 700$.

Special Tip: the cheapest city to fly into is
Ho Chi Minh City, and also do not forget to check Hanoi, you just might be lucky to find a cheap option too.

●    Transportation within Vietnam
This is section is dedicated to making sure moving around in Vietnam is hassle-free and also cost-effective.

You can decide to move via buses, trains or domestic flights depending on how much you are willing to spend.

●    Buses
This is by far the cheapest means of transportation in Vietnam, which can be quite uncomfortable except if you're making use of a bus ticket which can cover your trip for as long as you want.

I would strongly advise you contact a travel agent to help in sorting your bus tickets so as to make movement easy and cost-effective.

In general, Bus tickets may cost as little as 30,000 dongs per hour of travel. There’s also the premium bust tickets which much more comfortable than the regular bus tickets.

It would cost between 150,000 to 500,000 dong to travel for a 7 to 10-hour trip which is quite low priced.

●    Trains
This is also another cheap means of transportation, but it’s quite rough and offers peace, quiet and comfort unlike the hustle and bustle associated with transporting yourself via a bus.

If you plan on doing overnight trips, then boarding a train would be the best option, as you get to relax and sleep comfortably for a token.

The pricing range for Trains is almost the same as that of the bus transportation system, but there’s immense value for money when it comes to overnight trips boarding a train.

●    Domestic Flights
This is the granddaddy of comfortable transportation within Vietnam. Domestic flights are available in Major cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

VietJet and Jetstar are airlines that offer low-cost air transport within Vietnam, the cost can vary based on early bookings and season at which you are traveling.

An estimated price of about 700,000 dongs would be required per trip to fly within major cities in Vietnam.

If you are willing to splurge and extreme comfort while moving around in Vietnam is a priority, We would strongly advise domestic flights.

●    Hotel and Lodging
The cost of your accommodation is strongly determined by the amount of comfort you seek and how much you're willing to splurge on hotels.

There are three categories of Accommodation, they include Hotels, Guesthouse, and Hostels.

●    Hostels
This is by far the cheapest means of accommodation in Vietnam, and you can spend as little as 5$ per night for an air-conditioned room.

Here's a list of affordable hostels in various cities in Vietnam

●    Ho Chi Minh City
City Backpackers Hostel
Long hostel

●    Hoi An
Tribee Kinh
Leo Leo Hoi An

●    Hue
Freedom Hostel
Sunshine Hostel Hue

●    Hanoi
See You at Lily’s
Golden Time Hostel

●    Sapa
Venus Sapa Hostel
Mountain Clouds Sapa Hostel

●    Guesthouse
If you are traveling as a group and you intend to spend less, we would strongly advise  you to lodge in a guest house

●    Hotels
Lodging in Hotels grants you more comfort than in Hostels and Guesthouse, you can spend as little as 20$ per night in Vietnam for A quite luxurious room. Now that’s what we would call value for money.

Here's a list of affordable hotels in various cities in Vietnam.

●    Ho Chi Minh City
Saigon 3 Hotel
Duc Vuong Hotel
Cititel Boutique Ben Thanh Hotel

●    Hanoi
Hanoi Serenity Hotel 2
Spring Flower Hotel
Hanoi Romance Hotel

●    Hoi An
Pho Hoi Riverside Resort
Nova Villa Hoi An

Special Tip: Having a travel insurance is a lifesaver.

●    Food and Drinks
Yes, The best part! If you consider yourself a foodie and you are on a budget, then you need not worry, as all types of delicacies are affordable in Vietnam.

There’s a large variety from street food, to High priced restaurants.

●    Street Food
If you are on a low budget, it's best to consider street food for breakfast. pho (noodle soup) is one of Vietnam's popular street food and it cost as low as 10,000 dongs to as high as 50,000 dongs depending on the ingredients.

There's also Bánh mì, which are vegetables garnished with beef, it cost about 10,000 to 35,000 dong.

Here's a list of Street food spots in Vietnam

●    Ho Chi Minh City
Banh Mi Huynh Hoa
Pho Le
Bookworm’s Coffee
The Work Shop

●    Hanoi
Banh Mi 25

●    Restaurants
While there are a lot of restaurants that are extremely cheap in Vietnam, there are also restaurants that are insanely expensive too depending on your cravings and most importantly your budget.

Here's a list of Restaurants in Vietnam

●     Ho Chi Minh City
Mandarine Restaurant Saigon
The Deck Saigon
La Villa French Restaurant

●    Hanoi
Spices Garden
La Badiane
Jacksons Steakhouse

Special Tip:
Locally brewed alcohol: 5,000 dong
Canned or bottled Beer: 30,000 - 150,000 dong
Cigarettes: A pack cost about 20,000 - 30,000 dong
Spirit: A glass cost 50,000 - 150,000 dong
Water: 10,000 dong

●    Let's Wrap it Up!
That's all on how much it would cost to travel to Vietnam, a rough estimate of about 2,850$ for 2 weeks per individual, That's pretty fair enough.

●    Book your Flight early.
●    Book Accommodation that offers free services like food and water.
●    Board Taxis with meters or preferably Uber
●    Board Buses and Trains in groups

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